Gera Coin Growing Ecosystem Sees Increase Traction Among Exchanges

Gera Coin Growing Ecosystem Sees Increase Traction Among Exchanges

Gera Coin, a blockchain-based payment for delivery application, is happy to announce that it is now listed in multiple exchanges few months after launch.

The team behind the project worked tirelessly to get Gera Coin (GERA), the platform’s native token, listed on different exchanges. Notably, these efforts have led to the token being listed in some major exchanges, including Bithumb Global,, Bibox, VCC Exchange, BitMart, and many others. CoinBene did the most recent listing on July 21, 2021.  

In addition to the team, Gera Coin formed a partnership with VinDAX to launch its initial coin offering (ICO). The partnership has significantly helped increase Gera Coin awareness with at least one new exchange listing Gera each week. 

So far, the team has minted a maximum supply of 8.8 billion GERA in a single genesis block. However, in the coming days, the team plans to releases the full GERA supply as the token continues to be listed on various exchanges. 

GERA Coin is a cryptocurrency-focused payment gateway solution created to benefit developers, customers, merchants, and various delivery platforms. Gera Coin was created to help users find delivery platforms to order products ranging from food, gifts, grocery, parcels, documents to other household essentials.


As home delivery became rampant following the ongoing pandemic, Gera Coin came in place to provide easy delivery payments systems. The platform is reportedly suited for the new normal. The Gera Coin website reads in part:

“Our world is changing in different ways. We believe our delivery payments and money transfers should too.” 

Gera Coin allows will users to securely and easily makeP2P delivery payments. Through the GERA App, users can verify their delivery address information and track the status of their shipments. They can also track dates and amounts per customer activity. Another advantage of using Gera Coin is that all transfers are instant. The platform also has open transactions building trust and transparency between the team and users. 

Finally, delivery applications and platforms will have a comprehensive platform to look for merchants and users who will need their services. They can get a commission from their services through GERA Coin or their preferred crypto or fiat currency.

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