Gennix Listed On BitMart, Now Accessible To Over 5.5 Million Traders

Gennix Listed On BitMart, Now Accessible To Over 5.5 Million Traders

On January 7, 2022, the Gennix coin was listed on the BitMart Crypto Exchange. Gennix is currently available for trading, deposits, and withdrawals to over 5.5 million traders.

Dean Marjanovic, Gennix’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder has announced the launching of GNNX on BitMart Centralised Crypto Exchange. This included creating a second liquidity pool to help with adoption and tradeability. Users on the Binance Smart Chain were initially caught in the PancakeSwap pool, which only allowed for trading on a decentralized exchange. Users that deposit USDT on supported chains to Bitmart can now trade GNNX on the open market.

“BitMart Exchange is a premier worldwide digital assets trading platform that allows customers to have access to over 200+ trading pairs on BitMart Exchange,” stated Dean Marjanovic, Chief Executive Officer of Gennix Ltd, in response to the company’s recent listing on BitMart Exchange.

“Having Gennix listed on BitMart would improve the project’s visibility to the untapped investor profile around the world,” Dean stated. The listing also lets customers benefit from BitMart’s cheap trading fees.”

Gennix is a derivative of the EasyFi lending protocol that features extremely strong security. Gennix’s TrustScore capabilities are one of the features that distinguish it from other lending protocols. Borrowers benefit from the scheme since it reduces the amount of money required as security for DeFi loans over time. To protect its existing users, Gennix has blacklisting tools built into its system to identify DeFi wallets that have connected with high-risk platforms. The software automatically blocks rogue wallets from joining, guaranteeing that only the best borrowers are let into its ecosystem.


The Gennix team is trying to include a multi-chain stable swap into its ecosystem, allowing users to easily bridge assets between blockchains via a decentralized exchange. This would ease the too complex process of trading across many platforms, as well as reduce avoidable losses caused by misclicks, confusing platforms, or system faults. The concept is based on a thorough grasp of the cryptocurrency sector and its problems. As a result, Gennix was presented as a “One-Stop-Shop” where customers can freely borrow, lend, stake, swap, and bridge assets on the Gennix platform in a seamless and timely manner.

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