GateHub Hack: Over $1 Million Worth Of Stolen XRP, Currently On The Move

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The crypto space is an active sector. Numerous rich people have bought into it and invested vast proportions of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. However, there still remains one largely thorny issue plaguing the crypto world, and that’s the issue of security.

While the industry has come a long way in terms of improving security measure to keep people’s money safe, some platforms like Gatehub have been reported to be still vulnerable. One Twitter user who happens to be a genuine crypto fan took it upon herself to warn people about Gatehub.

In a tweet, Tiffany Hayden wondered why some people are still not listening to the numerous calls to transfer their holdings from Gatehub to more secure wallets.

A Million Dollars On The Move

Tiffany was referring to a recent post by ‘Whale Alert’ that broke some gloomy news about a huge transfer of XRP coins that were allegedly stolen from Gatehub. The transfer in question to a cool 2,438,465 XRP estimated to be valued at almost $1 million.


Don’t Import A Compromised Key

On the brighter side, Tiffany did more than just post a warning. She went ahead to help a few of the people who wanted to learn how to effectively secure their XRP holdings.

Responding to one user’s query on how to import their secret key, Tiffany advised not to continue using any compromised key. Instead, the crypto owner should re-key their account by deactivating the current key and generating another one.

Granted, security issues within the crypto space have been a major concern especially when exchanges are targeted. However, more and better ways of ensuring security and good trading environment are being developed and fielded.