GAMESTA Successfully Launches Token Launch Auction, Raises Over $4 Million

GAMESTA Successfully Launches Token Launch Auction, Raises Over $4 Million

GAMESTA is an AI-powered Guild that connects P2E players with investors across the world. There are thousands of underprivileged players around the world. The platform enables token holders to empower these underprivileged gamers across the world.

Blockchain technology has decentralized gaming and brought onboard a new paradigm especially in the P2E gaming world. NFTs have enabled in-game assets to gain value and can be traded across multiple games. NFTs now play an active role in a game and add to the value of a game. This incentivizes players to spend more time on a game so that they can increase the value of the NFTs in that game. Players can cash out and sell their NFTs when they wish.

Some in-game assets may be expensive to acquire. What this platform does is that it creates an opportunity for talented players to get sponsored by token holders to acquire certain in-game assets. In return, they can split a share of their profits with the sponsors.

The gaming industry is touted to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the crypto space. In the next five years, the gaming sector will be worth over $200 Billion. Currently, about 1% of global gamers are engaged in the P2E space. This shows that there is still huge potential for growth in this sector.

This platform entered the P2E ecosystem to ensure that they provide optimal returns for investors while at the same time providing a suitable platform for empowering gamers.


Gamesta held a Token launch Auction from the 16th to 19th of December on Copperlaunch. The token launch auction enabled investors to access tokens without passing through a whitelist were only favored investors could get through. The auction enabled investors, big or small to be part of the project. On the TLA, 66% of the tokens were sold and the platform managed to raise a total of $4.29 million.

Contributors to the TLA stand a chance to win a TESLA Model S valued at over $100,000 with the top 30 contributors getting a BLACK GAMEX CARD.

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