$FUNDS Kicks Off Token Sale on P2PB2B Exchange

$FUNDS Kicks Off Token Sale on P2PB2B Exchange

On P2PB2B, the token sale for $FUNDS is currently open and will be followed by a P2PB2B exchange listing.

$FUNDS are also available through a variety of outlets as part of its own Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Take advantage of the IEO now to secure your tokens before they become too pricey. As the pool expands, your chances of winning a large prize improve. On the $FUNDS website, you may learn more about IEOs.

Here’s a quick rundown of the project.

Craig Austin, the developer of AZBalls, came up with the idea. He sought to disrupt the present lottery system and provide a secure means to obtain lifetime lottery tickets using the latest technology available, such as blockchain and NFT.

Users will be able to buy lifetime lottery tickets with $FUNDS, trade freely on the blockchain, and win and play in the Metaverse indefinitely. $FUNDS were made for and with actual people in mind. Interested? Get yours right away.


What are the advantages?

Lottery Tickets for Life: A Lifetime Lottery Ticket will be created from each million $FUNDS Tokens purchased. Each token bearer receives weekly entries into up to 30 international lottery jackpots with a Lifetime Lottery Ticket.
The ERC-20 standard: The $FUNDS Token is an ERC2O utility token that is backed by smart contracts. The token will be used for trade, holding, and pool creation.
Automatic monthly payouts: $FUNDS will distribute your payouts automatically every month if you’ve completed the KYC requirements and connected your wallet to a DApp;

Weekly jackpots: The prize will be available in a user’s wallet by merely holding the token in the DApp. Users’ rewards will be proportionate to the number of tokens they own.
Future generations will benefit from this: Because the $FUNDS token is designed to be a generational asset, it can be transferred to the next of kin.