Capitrade Releases First Phase Of IDO Launchpad Alongside Token Seed Sale

Capitrade Releases First Phase Of IDO Launchpad Alongside Token Seed Sale

Capitrade, a project that is stabilizing and dominating the crypto world, has released its first IDO launchpad on the Terra Network alongside its native $CDE token seed sale. This release will bring it closer to its mainnet launch as its sturdy team of front-end developers is working tirelessly on wallet connection APIs.

Capitrade Releases First Phase Of IDO Launchpad Alongside Token Seed Sale

The team at Capitrade is also looking at deploying a static site using an API gateway to protect the platform from Distributed Denial of service attacks (DDOS). The project has released an exclusive front-end demo with a Polished UI/ UX template which is user-friendly and easily accessed by desktop and smartphone users.

More so, the project also seeks to create a fair and completely decentralized IDO launchpad platform that benefits its token holders. Users will be whitelisted based on the amount of $CDE held in their wallets. It also allows investors to stake their $CDE tokens to make some profits. $CDE may be staked in a Staking contract to get more tokens as a reward.

The $CDE token has been designed to have a number of use cases that will give power back to the community and also offers special benefits to token holders within the ecosystem. The token will democratize and decentralize the ecosystem thereby making token holders not just part of the ecosystem and governance council but also key personalities behind the decision-making process and the path taken by the whole ecosystem.

Being a primus inter pares (first among equals), the project is ready to play an important role in bootstrapping ecosystems. This will filter out low-quality projects, offer more equitable token distribution, and help developers get their ideas off the ground while powered by the  $CDE token.


Interesting Features of Capitrade Launchpad

Capitrade offers unique features which include the following:

  • Intense vetting process for high quality projects – the platform’s mission is to bring high quality projects and products to Investors and individuals across the world.
  • Fair and Decentralized Fundraise – With fundraising being a crucial step to fuel product growth and development, we provide the best decentralized fundraising platform for project’s ideas to transform into reality in a fair and decentralized manner.
  • Access to IDOs of Terra Projects – Providing a user friendly gateway for users to seamlessly access and invest in well-vetted projects built on the Terra Ecosystem
  • Secure and Compliant – Capitrade ensures projects launching through the platform maintain the highest security standards (token vesting, locked liquidity) and are fully compliant.

Integrating other Blockchain Networks

Along with supporting Terra projects, Capitrade also aims at integrating Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and Polkadot for a more adaptable pool type and whitelist criteria. Having built a prototype centralized solution, the next-generation decentralized Launchpad will be created using the best DeFi industry standards, providing real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, genuine decentralization, and zero counterparty risk.