Facebook’s Libra Is Now More Popular Than Ethereum And XRP

What You Should Consider Before Owning Facebook Coin, Libra

Even though the Libra project is in its development phase, at the same time has gotten a lot of backlash from various people and the government. Nevertheless, it has continued to gain more popularity by the day.

A recent survey carried out by eToro; the popularly known U.S. based brokerage firm has found an interesting statistics regarding bitcoin, Libra, and other cryptocurrencies.

The survey, as reported by Forbes, revealed that more than half (about 60%) of respondents who took part in the study have heard of Bitcoin. For Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency today, just 16% of the participants testifies to be conversant with it, and a much lower percentage than that know the XRP.

Interestingly, the report also stated that almost the same number of people who are conversant about bitcoin also know about Facebook’s impending coin, the Libra. Nevertheless, not all these people are confident of having Facebook holding their store of value. However, a more significant number of respondents are willing to go all-in for Libra compared to ETH or XRP.

Facebook’s Libra Gets Support Despite Controversies

Since Facebook Inc. announced its plans to release a ‘supposed’ blockchain cryptocurrency, it has faced a lot of criticisms/backlashes from crypto analysts, enthusiasts, and various world governments.


The U.S. Reps fear for their financial economy; they believe the Facebook’s Libra could one day push the dollar aside to become the new unit for global trade. In their own words, they do want Mark Zukerberg to ‘print money’ or be in control of it.

Despite all these, Libra has continued to gain more popularity. Even, some analysts have linked Libra’s announcement to the sudden boost bitcoin has gotten in recent times.

Libra May Bench The Alts But Bitcoin Remains King

As revealed by the survey conducted, bitcoin remains the top choice for both investors and crypto enthusiasts who want a decentralized money system which is not influenced by the government.

Though there’s been a bit of struggle after bitcoin hit a new YTD high of about $14K, a lot of people still believe in a short time; bitcoin will easily surpass this level and head for its all-time highest point of about $20K.

At the time of reporting, bitcoin currently trades at $10,591, shedding some loses of 1.03% from the day’s opening price of about $$10,647.