Eyes on Mining Benefits, as Datamall Chain, Signs Multiple Agreements With Leading Blockchains

Eyes on Mining Benefits, as Datamall Chain, Signs Multiple Agreements With Leading Blockchains

DMC (Datamall Chain) Foundation, a decentralized storage ecosystem, has forged new partnerships with five leading blockchain companies. The move is expected to accelerate the shift to web 3.0, affirm the value of decentralized storage, and enhance the value of miners.

An Overview of the Involved Institutions

All five strategic partners are pretty mature commercial services boasting significant user bases. They’ll be supporting the DMC ecosystem by providing encrypted storage services. The involved institutions are BIT Mining, OKX, BTC Inc. Gate.io, and IPFSMain.

BIT Mining: A leading crypto-mining firm with a solid strategic plan to deliver long-term value to the crypto community.

BTC Inc.: An international crypto-currency mining platform with a presence in the US and the Asia-Pacific Region.

OKX: An innovative blockchain financial service with modern infrastructure allowing for seamless crypto trading.

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Gate.io: One of the top 10 exchanges in the world boasting quality crypto assets with high ROI.

IPFSMain: One of the world’s most prominent web 3.0 service providers.

The DMC ecosystem is supported by CYFS, an open-source protocol for creating decentralized apps. As a result, DMC can provide reliable decentralized storage for miners and also address common decentralized storage challenges like:

  • Insufficient liquidity
  • Price gouging, 
  • False storage service capabilities.

The platform accommodates all categories of miners. So, individuals and large mining pools can access the services. In other words, the DMC platform encourages inclusivity to maintain highly diffuse and geographically distributed demand and supply of its offering.

The platform already has mechanisms to ensure both mining pools and individual miners appreciate their decision to join the DMC community. Aside from node incentives, miners are entitled to liquidity, trading, and storage delivery rewards, to mention a few of DMC’s income streams. 

About DMC

Datamall Foundation is a decentralized web 3.0 storage application co-owned by Fog Works and the DMC Foundation. The open-source blockchain focus is powered by DMC (Datamall Coin.)