Everything You Need to Know About the Refine Medium Private Sale

All You Need to Know About the Refine Medium Private Sale

The beginning of our Private Sale will be from 25th May 2019. This is a great opportunity for investors looking for a project with an MVP and a well customized smart contract. We would like to thank our team, whose immense efforts have paid off and lead to this event.

There’s a FOMO associated with every successful ICO or Blockchain project. People usually don’t see the future associated with the project and lose the opportunity to be an early investor and take advantage of this position.

Refine Medium Private Sale will be the first phase of our ICO. It gives a chance to the community and it’s supporters to reap the benefits of being a member of the community and gain Refine Medium Tokens at the lowest prices possible before they’re “Tradable” after hitting exchanges.

We are aware of numerous ICO projects which showed promise initially but went nowhere after the completion of ICO and/or after being listed on exchanges. It put an end to the further development of the project, which meant huge losses for the investors who showed faith in such projects. Keeping such risks in mind, we are launching MVP of Refine Medium DApp.
All of our private sale investors will be given access to the MVP, before anyone else.

Private Sale investors who wish to be a part of Refine Medium DApp “Moderator” team will be given priority based upon them being early adopters.


What is Refine Medium Private Sale?

There will be three stages of Refine Medium ICO. The first stage is, Private Sale, starting from 25th May 2019 and ending on 15th June 2019

This will provide the adopters, believers of the project an idea behind Refine Medium so as to enable them to extend their support for it. Tokens will be available at cheapest prices before they get tradable after being listed on the exchanges.

Private Sale Info.

As stated in the image, total tokens allocated for “Private Sale” of our ICO is 15 million tokens. There would be limited number of people from the community who’ll be able to participate, gain their tokens at the lowest prices.

Participation in the ICO by community members is made easy as 4 cryptocurrencies are being accepted for participation;
1) Bitcoin (BTC)
2) Ethereum (ETH)
3) BitcoinCash (BCH)
4) Ripple (XRP)

Minimum contributions amounts for these cryptocurrencies are:
1) 10 ETH
2) 0.5 BTC
3) 10 BCH
4) 4500 XRP

These amounts will guarantee investors a significant chunk of tokens at once and they’ll have to pay less transaction fees as well.

Referral Benefit;

Our community members have shown their constant support to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. They have a group of like minded people consequently who may/may not be aware of Refine Medium ICO or DApp. Our community will like to see the the growth and success of this platform.
To motivate our community members to spread the word about this investment opportunity amongst​ people in their network, we would be sending each of our Private Sale investing community member a unique link that will give them 10% direct referral benefits from the referrals they given in real time and real ether will be given. it is not restricted to just level 1 of referral but it extends up to the 2nd level as well. Read more about it here.

To summarize;

Why you should participate in the Private Sale?

1) In this phase of our ICO, the tokens will be available at the cheapest price of 1 ETH= 1550 XRM. Moving forward it will increase to 1 ETH= 1165 XRM during the pre-sale stages. Main ICO will start with rate of 1 ETH= 1000 XRM and until the end of our ICO, price will be 1 ETH= 333 XRM, which will be done by our Smart contract. (link to article).

2) Private Sale investors will get access to our MVP of Refine Medium DApp. This will give them a perspective of their investment.

3) Private Sale investors will have the opportunity to be moderators of our DApp. And such investors will be given priority.

4) They’ll be able to take benefits of two level referral system.

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Thank you for your constant support.

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