ETERNA: The Multi-utility Token that Distributes 50% Of Its Profits To Token Stakers

ETERNA: The Multi-utility Token that Distributes 50% Of Its Profits To Token Stakers

Eterna, the native token of the Eterna Financial network, has its staking system designed in a way that offers exclusive sources of value for its stakers. Thereby, distributing up to 50% of its profits to its token stakers.

Eterna Financial Network is an Ethereum-based ecosystem that accommodates a portfolio of several and distinct utility platforms designed to help both project managers and investors make more intelligent and profitable decisions.

Users to Enjoy Exclusive Rewards For Staking ETERNA

Among the lots of rewards promised to investors who participate in the staking services is the distribution of 50% of the profits generated from all platforms and apps released under the Eterna brand. More so, the platform also promises the token stakers a generous return for staking their tokens, which can be unlocked at any time without penalty.

Following a recent press release, the platform has allocated a larger portion of its tokenomics to stakers. The statement reads;

“50% of Profits from all websites and platforms will be distributed to token stakers; 3% on every transaction will be used to finance development and marketing; 2% on every transaction will contribute to Eterna’s LP (liquidity pool) which helps stabilizes the token’s chart;2.5% Development tax – on each transaction will be added to the Development wallet, which facilitates the operations of Eterna’s token incubator,; and, 2.5% on every transaction will be distributed to token stakers as a reward for providing liquidity for the network’s operations.”


It has allocated 5.2% of its total circulating supply for staking. Token stakers will enjoy a staking reward tax of 2.5% on each transaction, a 50% of profits from all Eterna platforms will be distributed to stakers in proportion to the number of tokens staked.

The platform believes that this will not only permit the efficient operation of the network but will provide investors with an additional incentive for holding Eterna tokens.

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