Ertha Successfully Launches On Seedify And GameFi Gaming Launchpads, Selling Out In Under A Minute

Ertha Successfully Launches On Seedify And GameFi Gaming Launchpads, Selling Out In Under A Minute

Ertha, an NFT metaverse and gaming platform, is delighted to have launched successfully on Seedify and GameFi, the leading gaming launchpad in the blockchain industry. Even better, Ertha sold out its community pools within an impressive 53 and 34 seconds respectively on each of the launchpads.

Notably, Seedify is a launchpad and incubator for high potential blockchain gaming platforms. It gives interested parties the chance to access different platform tokens before they get listed on crypto exchanges. Ertha conducted its initial game offering (IGO) on Seedify on Dec. 19, raising $300,000.

GameFi, as the name suggests, is focused on facilitating financial support for new games. It brings together investors, gamers, and traders and also offers a launchpad for introducing new games to the market. Ertha’s IGO on GameFi took place on Dec. 20 and raised $250,000.

Last but not least, is the Red Kite launchpad and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform. Powered by PolkaFoundry, Red Kite makes token selling processes unique and seamless. The IGO on Red Kite is scheduled to take place on Dec. 21, during which Ertha expects to raise $250,000.

The Ertha metaverse is supported by the Heroes of Might and Magic – a game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that gives users a virtual economic and social experience. Various specializations on the game help users navigate the metaverse, in addition to giving them chances to increase the worth of their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and countries.


Notably, the ERTHA globe is made up of 350,000 HEX land plots. Each of these is represented in the form of an NFT. Ownership of a HEX land plot makes one a landowner and subsequently eligible to earn revenue from each transaction made on their plots. All earnings are accrued in the platform’s native token, $ERTHA.

The Ertha ecosystem is designed in a sophisticated manner that replicates real-life experiences. This means users get to perform activities similar to those they carry out daily to earn a living. The play space allows gamers to build new governments, economies, and collaborations amongst each other. To retain the top positions in the game, players need to balance various aspects of the metaverse, just like in real life. These are production, trade, and financial budgets.

With all these features and many others, Ertha presents an unparalleled metaverse and play-to-earn platform for users seeking the best experience in either or both creations. Hype and momentum are fast rising on the platform’s NFT land sales, indicating high demand in its revenue-generating land plots. Further details on Ertha are available on its official website and social platforms.

To learn more about Ertha, you can visit their official links:

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