Breaking: EOS is Now Available On and On Its Android, iOS Apps

EOS Founder Dan Larimer: A Major Huge Announcement Is Coming In June

The 5th largest cryptocurrency, EOS is live on The announcement just came minutes ago on the Coinbase blog. From this moment on, customers using as well as the Android and iOS wallets can now access EOS on the platform.

Enabled functions include buying, selling, sending, receiving and storing EOS in the wallets. For now, these services are fully available to Coinbase customers globally with the exception of the United Kingdom and the State of New York residents.

With this addition, EOS is joining the list of cryptocurrencies that have been added to The EOS like ETH is designed as a token for large-scale dapps. While sending and receiving the token doesn’t require any fees, the protocol uses RAM, CPU and bandwidth data and those who verify transactions on the network are periodically rewarded with EOS.

Customers in the UK and the State of New York will eventually be granted access to the services with EOS and more assets will be added as time pass by, according to the announcement. Coinbase had earlier spelled out guidelines on the listing of assets on its platform. The guidelines according to Coinbase, is meant to hasten the process of listing more digital assets.

The platform is also working on upgrading its tools for listing these assets to make sure customers get the best service. Coinbase clearly has a mission to make as many digital assets available to as many people globally as possible.


One of the easiest ways to get your favorite assets listed on Coinbase is by asking for them to list such assets as several of the listed assets are as a result of customer requests.

Eligible users may need to just update their apps to see the new EOS on their wallets and they can start receiving and using the cryptocurrency instantly.