Ekart Inu Holders Could Hit It Big Following Current Growth Trend

Ekart Inu Holders Could Hit It Big Following Current Growth Trend

Ekart INU, a blockchain-based project seeking to change the e-commerce industry, is creating a massive buzz in the cryptocurrency industry barely a month since its launch. 

In the last 22 days, Ekart INU has proven without a doubt to be a revolutionary project among the many launched this year. According to reports, Ekart INU gained over 100000 accounts within the first seven days of operation. Currently, the project has over 370k account holders with 190k plus users on telegram. 

Ekart INU started as an Inu token, with numerous skeptics guaranteeing the token won’t make it to other crypto tokens’ statues. However, weeks later, they have all dubbed it as the ‘DAD OF ALL INU’S.’ Ekart INU has reached a market capitalization of more than $250 million.  The project seeks to revolutionize and change the meaning of online shopping and cryptocurrency.  

Ekart INU wants to create a robust marketplace that will allow anyone to shop from any online store across the globe. Its mission is to “connect producers all over the globe and supply business with the necessary tools for launching one-of-a-kind merchandise to the global market with the minimal transaction fees and without any financial borders, intermediaries and annoying bureaucratic routine.”

The growing numbers led to a strategic collaboration with the Covid Fund by Vitalik Buterin. Notably, this collaboration caused 45 crypto whales to buy EKARTINU tokens, the project’s native token, massively. As per the reports, these whales bought tokens amounting to 100 million, almost simultaneously.  


The project is currently on the second phase of its presale, which began on August 14. Ekart INU has a total supply of 1 quadrillion tokens. The project plans burn 80% of the tokens. From the remaining 20%, 2% will be given to Vitalik Buterin as a COVID relief fund, 2% will be given for airdrops and social media, and 6% will be used for invoice bonuses.  The rest, 10%, will be divided into 4 phases of the presale. Reportedly, the price of EKARTINU tokens is ten times higher in the second presale phase compared to the initial price of $0.0000001. In addition, the project plans to launch a crypto exchange, a shopping portal,  and a hard wallet in the coming days.

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