eGame has teamed up with Jasmy on a project

eGame has teamed up with Jasmy on a project

Because the projects share a Japanese background, eGame, a firm that enhances e-games and e-sports with blockchain technology, has agreed to develop a project partnership with Jasmy, a data democratization company.

In collaboration with Jasmy, eGame has created a number of excellent landscapes. 

Jasmy will first give a personal login and registration function that will allow you to quickly begin using the blockchain. Second, you’ll be able to manage and keep your personal data on your smartphone or blockchain in a secure manner. The capacity for users to voluntarily authorize and trace their own data is the third feature. 

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With these characteristics, eGAME will be able to use diverse data and personal information in the desired form and at the appropriate moment, rather than needing to maintain it in-house at all times.



eGame allows eSports players and fans to interact in a meaningful way. A vast range of services is believed to be developed on top of the eGAME platform. Since June 30th, the initial token eGI has been listed on Coineal. With USDT, it is available to purchase EGI. Since then, it’s been on the rise, and more appreciation is projected as a result of this alliance. Coineal’s chart may be found here.

The Project: 

eGAME platform is based on blockchain technology and may employ smart contract technology as well as eGI, eGame’s native token, to provide a variety of features to eSports players and fans. MR technology can be utilized by game organizers, game providers, advertising and event sponsors, and other associated facilities and actual information, such as adverts, to access the e-Gaming platform. This will allow game stakeholders to arrange products more effectively. Various capabilities, including as P2P Bets and NFT Features, are available on the platform’s foundation.



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is a firm that specializes in IoT platforms and solutions. Jasmy is cooperating with a range of enterprises in terms of data management through blockchain technology with the goal of Data Democratization, where anyone may safely control their own data. People who have served on the board of directors of a Japanese technology corporation, Sony, and are involved in the formation of Jasmy are among the officers.

What Jasmy changes?

Huge platformers like GAFA provide a lot of today’s network services. We don’t pay for their services, but we do offer them our behavioral history and personal information in exchange. As a result, there is a risk that huge amounts of data obtained through the service may be controlled, processed, and used only by third parties.

How Jasmy changes?

Jasmy provides an environment in which ready-to-use IoT is easily introduced. Throughout the processes from IoT strategy Support to Secure Data Analysis, Jasmy strives to protect the Data from those huge platform third-party.

AMA Will Be Taken Place By The Projects

eGAME is ready to take place AMA (ask me anything) with engineers and Jasmy at official eGame Telegram Community ( 挿絵 が含まれている画像


As of this moment, it is planned to be taken place on July 14th, 2021. At this time, you can ask anything, feel free to come and ask in our Telegram community.

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