Ecowatt: Leveraging The Blockchain To Accelerate The Shift To Green & Sustainable Energy

Ecowatt Leveraging The Blockchain To Accelerate The Shift To Green & Sustainable Energy

Ecowatt, a socially-minded blockchain initiative dedicated to accelerating the green energy transition is seeking to leverage the blockchain and the crypto community to improve their functionalities to green & sustainable energy.

The platform is designed to introduce sustainable energy to cryptocurrencies by accelerating the green energy transition while putting a real-world use case onto the blockchain.

Ecowatt functions distinctively from other crypto projects as it operates as a Climate change Governance Token. Its value and utility are dependent on the outcome of a real-life green asset portfolio that includes solar, wind, hydrogen, and geothermal power plants.

The platform receives support from green power assets for its token. These green assets are such that turn sunshine into clean power and hold government contracts for up to 20 years.

These tokens can be staked by the community of users and they can leverage up to 50% of the token value for an instant low-cost liquidity loan while also earning daily rewards.


The platform functions in a way that offsets carbon emissions and makes enterprise partners green with carbon credits verified on the blockchain. It further revealed that it uses green electricity and carbon offsetting that it receives from planting trees to generate Carbon Credits.

Enterprises that stake the platform’s token and receive verification of the corresponding carbon credits required, will be certified and recognized as a green company.

Ecowatt deploys a Polygon (Matic) ERC20 standard and utilizes smart contracts to provide people with the opportunity to participate in the explosive growth potential as the world becomes more electrified and green.

The platform is primarily aimed at disrupting the unequal supply chain of electricity to make it easily accessible to the retail community.

The platform revealed that it is its vision to build a 100% sustainable planet where its community will also be planting up to 1 million trees annually to further contribute to the cause.

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