EBO Gives Back Full Custody To Traders With Its Open Finance Ecosystem, Now Available On The App Store

EBO Gives Back Full Custody To Traders With Its Open Finance Ecosystem, Now Available On The App Store

ZUG, SWITZERLAND / February 10th, 2020 / EBO, the open finance ecosystem, has launched its latest mobile app – bringing an open, accessible and reliable platform to the crypto world.

Available on the Apple App Store from today, the EBO Ethereum Crypto Wallet gives users total control of their crypto and acts as a one-stop-shop for all their crypto needs. Users can buy and sell crypto in just a click with total control – and no signup is needed. The app lets you trade easily without ever losing touch with your digital assets, too, as no custody of user funds is needed.

After it brought us the most powerful consumer-focused Ethereum blockchain explorer in the ecosystem last year, the decentralized exchange EtherBlockchain.io, EBO’s latest app is further pushing open finance to the crypto world.

Terrance Sullivan, founder of EBO, said: “We believe that the world needs open finance now more than ever. EBO provides an open, accessible, and reliable solution that empowers end users to fully control their digital assets and explore a new world of peer to peer transactions.”

With a smooth and attractive interface, EBO Ethereum Crypto Wallet allows an effortless trading experience powered by Ethereum and utilizes the blockchain to give a simple ‘no frills’ crypto trading experience while retaining full user control.


The EBO Ethereum Crypto Wallet is ideal for those who already use exchanges and are seeking alternatives to Coinbase as it has virtually the same features, functionality, and ease-of-use. With the wallet, you can trade instantly and easily with EBO’s full-stack open finance tools.

As part of its mission to push a truly transparent, open finance ecosystem, EBO does not require users to log in or register before they can buy, sell and trade Ether and other Ethereum Blockchain tokens.

EBO’s wallet also offers open finance tools to help you trade crypto while retaining full control over HODLings. It leverages the first “Full Circle Open Finance infrastructure”  – an Ethereum full-featured Blockchain Explorer, Ethereum full-featured DEX, Ethereum Mobile wallet app, and Ethereum Browser wallet app. These components work together to give users access to secure Open Finance.


Dan Edelstein