DuveraDex Announces Opening For Developers And Product Designers

DuveraDex Announces Opening For Developers And Product Designers

DuveraDex, a Cardano-based DeFi project has announced it’s hiring product designers and developers. 

As per the announcement, DuveraDex has a few open positions including an opening for a product designer, Haskell or Plutus smart contract engineer, front-end developer, and Go or Backend Engineer. 

The product designer will be responsible for designing DeFi products with a unique user experience that will be able to resonate with the Bashoswap project. The designs created should also be appealing and easy-to-use interfaces.

To qualify for the product designer job, applicants should have proficiency in Adobe XD, Figma, and Ample understanding of how a DeFi and an AMM exchange operate.

The Haskell or Plutus smart contract engineer should be able to build trustless DeFi protocols that can spur a self-sustaining ecosystem, using Plutus and Haskell. The person should be able to implement and write smart contracts for Bashoswap. Interested candidates should have at least one to three years of professional experience with Haskell, prior experience working with Haskell contracts, and experience in designing public applications for customer users.


DuveraDex’s frontend developer will be tasked with creating a beautiful user interface in collaboration with the Chief Product Designer.  Candidates applying for this position should have experience with typescript, next.js &Vue, and react. The person should also be able to implement UI design to the pixel.

Last is the Go or Backend engineer whose responsibilities will be to work closely with other project teams to build and effectively manage the backend of BashoSwap. To qualify for the positions, applicants should have professional expenses in Go, cloud-based applications, and AWS. They should also have comprehensive knowledge about BigData and the analytics environment. The Go engineer will also be required to know the Cardano network and ample knowledge of DeFi.

All interested candidates should send an email to admin@duveradex.finance with the position they are applying for as the subject of their mail.

Duvera Labs seeks to create a blockchain bank that will serve the Cardano community similarly to traditional banks. Duvera is creating a decentralized exchange, a lending protocol, and a fundraising platform. The company hopes to ensure that the Cardano ecosystem is no longer devoid of protocols that make longevity and sustainability of both existing and upcoming projects.