Don't Panic, Bitcoin for sure still has a Very Bright Future

Don't Panic, Bitcoin for sure still has a Very Bright Future

It is an everyday thing in the crypto market, for many shy investors to jump on the throat of bitcoin when thing go just a little bit sour. Of course, this year hasn’t been all smiles for bitcoin and its investors, with the cryptocurrency losing over 70% since its record run last year when it almost reached the $20, 000 mark.
The coin has since been struggling and has been the topic off late for naysayers and doubters if it’s really going to be anything more than just the other altcoins. To many doubters, the biggest cryptocurrency seems to be on its death bed, and with the recent poor performance on the market, coupled with its highly anticipated projects getting thrashed by authorities, it’s just a matter of time before it collapses. Indeed bitcoin hasn’t been performing up to expectations, and its ETF projects have been rejected so far by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Investors are now left wondering if indeed the digital coin can get its mojo back as if there’s any coin to bounce back from such a fall, it is none other than bitcoin. Bitcoin has proven that it’s here to stay, however, in times of losses, speculations and belief only won’t cut it for scared investors.
Putting the negative aspect aside, the coin is still making moves, as many banks are now getting into Bitcoin. Bitcoin is seen as the future of finances as predicted by many experts and they do that based on researches and surveys.
Just recently, a major cryptocurrency exchange, together with a research firm, Qriously, conducted a research on why Bitcoin, the seemingly struggling coin is still expected to see a boost in the United States, a well-known powerhouse for cryptocurrencies.
Over 18% of students in the U.S stated that they owned bitcoin and some other digital coin, which suggests that bitcoin ownership is on the rise as well as its adoption. 17% of students surveyed, also endorsed cryptocurrency as a good thing, compared to just 9% of the general population surveyed at the same time.
Many experts had predicted this current behavior of investors being bullish on the future of bitcoin despite its recent slumber because of what the coin can do, which captured the imagination of people. Daily price volatility isn’t going anywhere but it looks that the coin is equipped with a number of features, so powerful to still push the risk-reward to the camp of bullish investors.