Disruptive DeFi & Compliance Technology from Securrency to be Integrated by XDC Network

Disruptive DeFi & Compliance Technology from Securrency to be Integrated by XDC Network

XDC Network, a cutting-edge blockchain with a developed ecosystem and a focus on real-world applications in international trade and finance, will host Securrency’s proprietary Digital Asset Composer, according to a company announcement. Securrency is a leading provider of blockchain-based financial markets infrastructure and products.

The innovative no-code platform known as Digital Asset Composer enables the development of complex financial instruments such as smart contracts on blockchain networks, crowdsourced financial engineering, and digital assets in an open ecosystem of value. It will simplify the XDC Network community to combine all DeFi protocols and financial instruments, fractionalize real-world assets (RWAs), and develop highly specialized utility NFTs.

The XDC Network wants to give its users more effective and practical ways to create value on blockchain networks than the current DeFi tools that have mushroomed in recent years through the implementation of Digital Asset Composer. Users can quickly create and customize a variety of DeFi protocols that cover lending and borrowing, yield aggregation, asset management, and derivatives using Digital Asset Composer and pre-populated asset class building blocks. As a result, a community of network users is given the power to much more quickly than is currently feasible develop completely new protocols and extend their versions of the most well-liked market protocols.

By integrating its Digital Asset Composer platform with Securrency’s Compliance Aware Token Framework and the Securrency Compliance Oracle, Securrency will further enable XDC Network users to develop institutional-grade digital assets and protocols. Users will be able to issue tokens considered regulated securities and exchange these tokens across various venues and multiple jurisdictions on the XDC Network, thanks to the combination of these two potent technologies. In the event of critical loss, theft, or enforcement actions, Securrency’s Compliance Aware Token Framework will allow identity-proofed persons to recover an enabling asset.

Atul Khekade, founding director of the XDC Network said: “This is an important development for the XDC Network ecosystem and for institutional adoption of digital assets. Our collaboration with Securrency addresses several regulatory and institutional stakeholder concerns regarding establishing and maintaining control of assets, especially in regard to regulated financial instruments such as digital bonds, trade finance distribution, stablecoins, and central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).”


The goal of Securrency, Inc., a conglomerate of businesses, is to use technology to transform capital markets and enable universal access and global liquidity. Securrency Solutions Technologies, a blockchain-based company that creates infrastructure and products for the capital markets, is at the center of the organization. Securrency develops and uses its own proprietary and patent-protected technologies through third-party clients, strategic partners, and financial services subsidiaries that are part of its organic Group.

Securrency, founded in 2015, has pioneered institutional-grade blockchain tokenization and decentralized finance. Its deep technology stack includes, among other things, a special interoperable compliance framework to permit the real-time movement of value and a potent smart contract composer to scale the automation of complex financial operations.

Securrency has firmly established itself as one of the top blockchain technology companies in the world thanks to its solid partnerships with some of the biggest and most significant international financial institutions and its strategic positioning in the US, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East.