Digital Wallet Protector’s NFTs Are Now Live On OpenSea

Digital Wallet Protector's NFTs Are Now Live On OpenSea

According to Chainalysis, a blockchain data and analytics firm, cryptocurrency addresses linked to illegal activity amassed over $14 billion in 2021. The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrency projects has surpassed $2 trillion in the burgeoning cryptocurrency field.

Moreover, the total economic activity of all blockchains increased to over $15 trillion in 2020, up from $2.3 trillion in 2020, giving an opportunity for malevolent elements to use the immutability of blockchains to steal assets or defraud naïve cryptocurrency holders. In 2021, criminals stole $3.2 billion in digital assets from the $14 billion. DeFi exploits and rug pulls accounted for the majority of the money.

DeFi protocols have a total value locked (TVL) of $214 billion as of March 22, 2022. While DeFi grows in popularity, another crypto invention, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs), is gaining traction, commanding high values, and being integrated into the DeFi and other blockchain sectors. NFTs are blockchain-based, one-of-a-kind items that provide holders complete control over their assets. They are often in restricted supply and draw their security from the underlying blockchain.

Spiritual NFTs to Protect Cryptocurrencies – Digital Wallet Protector

World Scientists, Sacred Geometry Experts, and Crypto Whales make up the DigitalWalletProtector (DWP) team. They are utilizing the capabilities of NFTs and blockchain technology to connect crypto holders with the creator’s and universe’s positive energy and impact for the sake of crypto holders’ safety, prosperity, knowledge, and intuition in making wise judgments. On the Ethereum blockchain, the DigitalWalletProtector (DWP) team is minting 99 fortunate charm utility NFTs, with the number “9” chosen as a magic number.

People with the lucky number motivate others to live happy lives and weave their souls to form their fate based on their goals.
Each of the 99 NFTs is handcrafted in gold and silver with unique symbols that link holders’ crypto wallets to the universe’s positive energy, providing spiritual protection to the blockchain. The DWP NFTs will shield the owner from all of the negative repercussions of bitcoin market volatility, hacks, exploits, and panic. Each original NFT’s sign also strengthens the owner’s intuition and inner tranquility, assisting them in continuing down the path of self-realization.


Platinum NFTs from DigitalWalletProtector (DWP) are only available on OpenSea, with a floor price of 9.99 ETH. After a vote, the price of 9.99 ETH was chosen as the floor price, which was approved by the majority. The auction will run through September 19, 2022, and all 99 NFTs will be minted on March 20, 2022, the International Day of Happiness. A secret and mystical ritual was done on each of the 99 NFTs before to minting to firmly connect them to The Creator and Universe.