Dello — A Leader in Crypto Payments

Dello — A Leader in Crypto Payments

Dello is a Canadian startup offering a new payments solution and positioning itself as a future giant in the financial industry. The company takes the risk out of accepting crypto payments to help merchants thrive in the Web 3.0 landscape.

MONTREAL, CANADA, JUNE, 2022 Dello is a Montreal-based FinTech company that takes the volatility out of accepting crypto payments. The volume of cryptocurrency trading has risen dramatically over the years, and more people than ever are paying with crypto. Merchants that offer crypto payments in addition to traditional options may appeal to a wider range of customers and thus increase sales.

According to Demystifying Crypto, a report from, 40% of 18-35 year-olds said they would like to pay for goods and services with crypto in 2022, making it more crucial than ever for merchants to adjust and get on the cryptocurrency boat.

Merchants don’t have to own or even understand cryptocurrency to use Dello’s services: When Dello processes a crypto payment, the merchant receives the full purchase amount as local currency directly to their bank account. Here are just a few more features Dello brings to the table:

  • Accept crypto payments at brick-and-mortar stores, pop-up shops, and online
  • Enjoy lower fees than credit card processing costs—starting at 1.25% and scaling as low as 0.1%
  • Avoid the risk of costly chargebacks thanks to irreversible crypto payments

Dello offers crypto and traditional POS solutions in one convenient device. It protects merchants and their customers from crypto price volatility when they use the service by locking in an exchange rate during the purchase window. Their base transaction fee is already lower than credit cards, and that fee gets even lower for larger transactions. There’s no minimum or maximum when using Dello’s payment processing services, a customer can use crypto to purchase a piece of candy or a car—Dello aims to usher in an era of everyday crypto payments.

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Dello’s President, Olivier Benloulou, said, “To be where we are today, we went through a lot of sleepless nights—lots of market studies and changes from week to week, course-correcting to be the best in the game.” He added, We’re proud of the partnerships we’re making to deliver on our mission to enable easy, everyday crypto payments. Until people have somewhere to spend crypto, widespread crypto adoption is in a holding pattern. We’re here to break that pattern.

Dello leverages the Bitcoin Lightning Network to let merchants accept instant Bitcoin payments from customers with Lightning-enabled wallets. The service also plans to accept many other types of crypto in the near future—such as Ethereum (ETH). There are eCommerce tools and portable devices so merchants can accept crypto payments at a farmers’ market, food truck, or from anywhere in the world.

As the company states on its website, “Dello is on a mission to make cryptocurrency payments easier and more accessible to all. By better informing consumers and offering highly convenient services to merchants, we are breaking the barriers to global crypto adoption. Dello is shaping the future one transaction at a time.” Learn more by visiting, or reaching out to a Dello representative, at