Defi Yield Protocol Integration with BSC For Ultimate Investment Convenience and Security

Defi Yield Protocol Integration with BSC For Ultimate Investment Convenience and Security

Defi Yield Protocol is a world-class decentralized finance project introduced to provide excellent incomes for its users. Launched just a few months ago, DYP has made great strides in the crypto world, providing even more user opportunities. This platform is available in multiple chains, i.e., ETH and BSC, thus offering excellent services in a highly secure and scalable way.

DYP has its native token DYP, designed to help secure the network. This token currently trades at $2.6, with a market cap of $11.9 million. Accordingly, over $52 million worth of assets is now locked in the platform’s liquidity pools for staking.

Currently, this platform has multiple features to ensure that the network participants earn significant income in staking, yield farming and soon Ethereum mining pools. The gains already generated in the platform prove how promising DYP is.

For instance, according to the platform’s most recent update, the liquidity providers have earned over 7064 ETH, worth over $14.87 million. DYP leverages both the BSC and ETH networks to provide outstanding services in a secure and scalable way. 

Moreover, recently DYP launched its pools in PancakeSwap, meaning DYP users now have a new opportunity to earn even additional income. According to their recent release, DYP added $510 thousand as liquidity in PancakeSwap. 


Therefore, it’s now possible for users to add liquidity to PancakeSwap pools like DYP/ETH, DYP/BNB and DYP/BUSD and earn either in ETH, BNB and DYP. 

Defi Yield Protocol has tons of features for more convenience and security. 

DYP Providing Utter Convenience and Security 

One of the features defining DYP is the anti-manipulation, where the platform protects its small users from price manipulations that whales may cause. But how does the anti-manipulation feature work?

Every 24 hours, the platform automatically converts all DYP earned into BNB or ETH. Therefore, all the investors in the platform are rewarded in either ETH or BNB. Using Ethereum and BNB to pay rewards helps ensure that whales do not misuse the DYP token to manipulate the market.

Additionally, in case there are some severe price changes, by more than 2.5%, the platform helps protect most of its investor’s wealth. The platform automatically converts the maximum number of DYP possible into ETH while taking care not to affect the prices of DYP in the process. 

The affected tokens will help pay rewards in seven days, after which the platform will decide whether to redistribute the remaining tokens or burn them. 

Additionally, the platform audits all its tools before releasing them to the public to secure investors funds. The anti-manipulation feature and regular audits help protect the network and secure the wealth of its users.  

The platform’s convenience is because it’s available on the Ethereum and Binance smart chain. Moreover, every liquidity pool has multiple staking options depending on the investor’s income needs. The rewards range from 30k DYP to 100k DYP every month.  

DYP Launching Multiple Other Tools Soon

Although the Defi yield protocol already has many features, the platform is promising even other tools soon. Already the staking dApp has been functional for months and has been a source of high income for users. In a recent post on their medium page, DYP stated that some of the promised projects would be ready shortly. One of the tools is the Ean vault.

The DYP earn vault is a tool developed to enhance the process of earning income in yield farming. This tool is already fully developed and is currently undergoing a security audit report. Once the reports are out, the service will be available for everyone. 

Moreover, DYP tools features will launch very soon after the completion of its streamlining. 

Other apps with ongoing development include DYP NFT DApp and a new UI design for DYP. After the introduction of the tools, service provision in DYP will be very effective. When DYP launches the new features, it will be a one-stop-shop for Defi and NFT affordable and reliable services.