DeFi Lending Platform ZigZag to Start Trading on ProBit Exchange October 16

DeFi Lending Platform ZigZag to Start Trading on ProBit Exchange October 16

Zigzag has officially been confirmed for listing on ProBit Exchange and will include KRW and BTC trading pairs for global traders. Additionally, a trading competition will launch simultaneously the following listing on October 16, 2020, at 11:00 KST where savvy traders can compete over 400 ZAG to be given out to the top 20 traders

The decentralized lending service ZigZag features a publicly traded DeFi-based stablecoin, ZAG, which is pegged to a value of 1 USD and backed by a backset of collateralized digital assets. ZigZag provides leveraged options to traders seeking to strengthen their positions for magnified returns through CDPs, which can be held by traders providing liquidity to the smart contract. 

ZigZag’s current demographics mainly center on their trading communities and global remittance features, with ZAG expecting to gain traction with utility spread out over many rapidly growing industries such as gaming and esports. The platform is currently onboarding over 100 corporate clients every month and showcases an uptick in transaction at 10% monthly.

ProBit Exchange has listed several of the top De-Fi tokens with ZAG the latest entrant as the open finance sector continues to grow exponentially. 



ZAG, a publicly-traded DeFi stablecoin, will be popularized and marketed worldwide as the digital currency of choice for the online gaming sector and will cover esports, gambling, and sports betting. We attract more than 100 corporate clients monthly with transactions steadily increasing by 10% monthly.


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