Decentralized Web3 LinkedIn Competitor Debuts on DeSo Blockchain

Decentralized Web3 LinkedIn Competitor Debuts on DeSo Blockchain

The competition for decentralized social media is just getting started. Elon Musk has completed his acquisition of Twitter, and now everyone is wondering how long it will take him to turn it into a web3 application.

While Elon may face an uphill struggle due to the outrage from Twitter employees, DeSo already has a thriving decentralized social media app ecosystem.

These apps offer built-in money features that creators and businesses can use right now to start earning money.

Entre, a Web3 LinkedIn competitor, has been launched on the Decentralized Social Media Blockchain.

“Entre is a web3 professional network designed to help people connect and work in the web3 world… Decentralized social media is important because users own and control their content and audience,” says Founder Michael Marra.


You must post content on LinkedIn in order to cultivate opportunities that you can then earn. On Entre, you can quickly develop a professional web3 network, cultivate opportunities, and profit from your material.

As huge corporations scramble to recruit talent to build up decentralized ecosystems, Web3 roles are in high demand. Entre has built a network of professionals who work in and develop web3 ecosystems.

Entre features a built-in marketplace that makes it simple to find the next major web3 opportunity to help you advance your career.

Entrepreneurs can use the same platform to advertise positions and gigs to make hiring easier, as well as hold team meetings. Content may be created, live streams can be hosted, and events can be hosted by creators.