Decentralized Social Blockchain Deso Hastens Hypersync Upgrade for Faster Block Sync

Decentralized Social Blockchain Deso Hastens Hypersync Upgrade for Faster Block Sync

Deso is a decentralized social media blockchain with over 200 social media applications. As the world seeks truly decentralized social media platforms, the project seeks to actualize this dream with its live upgrade, Hypersync. Deso is pushing for a quicker launch of the upgrade, which is “orders of magnitude” ahead of traditional block synchronization in speed.

What Hypersync is

Hypersync is a high-speed way to download blockchains that is cheap and fast for decentralized social media apps. This provides an affordable way to run social media compared to traditional blockchains such as Ethereum.

“Hypersync is a new approach to node synchronization designed for infinite-state blockchains that are orders of magnitude faster than traditional block synchronization.” For example, storing just a 200-character “Tweet” on Ethereum costs $80 and $0.25-$1.00 on Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon. In contrast, storing this on the DeSo blockchain costs 1/1,000th of a penny because of DeSo’s scaling advantages,” DeSo engineer Piotr Nojszewski explains.

With this service, it is very easy to sync nodes, therefore many can afford to run nodes. This directly increases the decentralization and scalability of social media blockchains. While other layer-1 blockchains such as DeFi protocols are designed to scale storage-light or “finite-state” applications with only a few bytes of storage, social applications need “infinite-state”, generating data on every post, following, like, etc… that needs to be stored forever.

“To power a financial application, all you need to really store is a few account balances for each user. In contrast, to power a social application, you not only need to store every post, like, follow, and much more, but you also need to index that data so that you can answer queries like “who is this person following” or “what are this person’s recent posts?” This is something that blockchains have historically been incapable of at scale,” Deso Founder Nader Al-Naji said.


Deso is so far the only layer 1 blockchain designed to “scale Infinite-state applications to 1 billion users.” As more users join the network, the need for more storage goes up and so Infinite-state applications are needed for social media.

There are over 100,000 node downloads currently, amounting to $1.4 billion in total transactions. All this was achieved at a near-zero cost of $0.000017 per post. Deso code is completely open-source so anyone can review it to make modifications. All data is stored directly on the chain and there are already “1.5+ Million accounts with user acquisition expected to accelerate as more apps are created on the decentralized social blockchain.”

It is worthy of note that Deso already has a web3 version of Twitter known as Diamondapp which offers native on-chain features such as on-chain profiles, social NFTs, social tokens, and social tipping via “Diamonds”, on-chain posts, and much more. Deso also has a web3 Linkedin known as Entre. The Deso token is currently listed on Coinbase.