DAOBet Blockchain-Powered iGaming Platform Mainnet Goes Live

DAOBet Blockchain-Powered iGaming Platform Mainnet Now Live

After several months under development, iGaming company, DAOGroup has announced that its much-talked-about DAOBet mainnet is now functional.

Formerly known as DAO Casino. DAOBet is a blockchain platform for iGaming 3.0 industry. The mainnet was launched on November 27, 2019, by 21 leading block producers, with eight more validators on standby. 

The new DAOBet mainnet optimizes the EOS blockchain codebase and it promises to revolutionize the gaming ecosystem.

DAOBet mainnet comes with advanced governance, 1-second finality, top-rated provably fair random number generation algorithm (Signidice PRNG verification) certified by GLI. 

The DAOBet mainnet is designed in such a way that allows game developers to take advantage of the intricate properties of blockchain technology.


The BET Token

The DAOGroup has successfully completed the migration of its native BET token from the Ethereum network to its mainnet.

BET token functions as a utility token and it can easily be obtained on the user-friendly DAOWallet within a few seconds. Users can also purchase BET from HitBTC exchange.BET also allows validators to confirm transactions on the blockchain and earn rewards.

DAOGroup currently offers the masses a lot of highly functional products and services including DAOPlatform, DAOWallet, and DAOGames.

DAOPlatform is powered by blockchain technology, with all transactions handled by smart contracts, thereby providing players with an unprecedented level of privacy and transparency. DAOBet Platform ensures that no operator, player or affiliate has an unfair advantage over others.

DAOWallet functions as a secure crypto wallet for BET. it also allows users to authorize on DAOPlatform, play games and get paid. It’s the payment gateway for devs, operators, and validators.

DAOGames is a B2B online casino platform focused on rolling out a wide range of online games in collaboration with top gambling projects.

With the high throughput, fast finality, and sponsorship transactions that come with the DAOBet mainnet, the platform easily powers the three applications to offer users the best iGaming experience possible.

It’s a full-scale game publisher run by professionals from various backgrounds including marketing, localization, product management and more.

Website: https://daobet.org 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/daobet_org 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAOBet.org 

Email: shega@dao.group

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/DAOBet