Cyber Zombie Society Set To Launch NFT Collection, Giving Away Rolexes And Other Incentives To Holders

Cyber Zombie Society Set To Launch NFT Collection, Giving Away Rolexes And Other Incentives To Holders

The Cyber Zombie Society, an NFT project, has announced it would be holding its public minting event, opening its doors to users within the cryptocurrency community.

According to the announcement, the Cyber Zombie Society plans to hold a public minting process for its NFT Collection (meaning available to purchase) on November 20, 5 PM UTC. Cyber Zombie Society NFTs are a collection of only 3333 unique digital collectible stores on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was designed and hand-drawn by a talented artist Mr. Sofian Elmaqrout.

Once the public minting process is completed, all Cyber Zombie Society NFT holders will become members of the Cyber Zombie Society, giving them access to various benefits and utilities. The platform opens doors for holders to learn more about NFTs and how best to monetize their interactions with the market.

Notably, Cyber Zombie Society plans to give its token holders numerous incentives, including brand new Rolex watches, custom merchandise, an opportunity to participate in a $10,000 charity donation, and much more. 

The Cyber Zombie Society is not like many projects in the NFT marketplace. In addition to numerous utilities, the platform comprises a fully DOXXED and very experienced group of professionals joined to educate users on NFTs. 


The Cyber Zombie Society website reads in part:

“We understand the importance of having a strong future vision for an NFT project for it to have long-term success. That’s why we are excited to share with you the long-term utility we believe will make the Cyber Zombie Society NFT ownership more exclusive and valuable over time.”

Sofian Elmaqrout began his artistic journey when he was a kid, starting a paper anime drawing when he was only five. He later moved to digital drawings full time at the age of sixteen. He has been a graphic designer for eleven years, giving him tons of experience with the market. Notably, all artistic work on the Cyber Zombie Society NFT collection has been 100% hand-drawn. Sofian uses paper to sketch and develop the idea before moving the work to the digital platform.

When asked what his favorite things to draw are, Sofian explained:

“If I had to choose my number-one favorite thing to draw, it would definitely be drawing an NFT collection, as it’s a very complicated art that brings up a lot of challenges. And real artists love to be challenged!”

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