Cudos And Zero Services Partner Up To Help Validators Join Cudos Network

Cudos And Zero Services Partner Up To Help Validators Join Cudos Network

Cudos is proud to announce its partnership with Zero Services, a European managed service and co-location provider, following the launch of its incentivized public testnet project, Artemis.

As per the announcement, the partnership will help assign new individual validators to join the Cudos network. Cudos hopes to harness Zero Services skills and expertise to manage the validation nodes fully.

With over ten years of experience, Zero Services GmbH is the home for many decentralized projects. Zero Services provides various services, including operating multiple PoPs (point of presence) through Asia, South America, and Europe. Some of its notable products include the Zero-miner, Zero-PoW. Zero services, Zero-colo, Zero dedication, Zero cloud, Zero backup, and Zero VPN. 

While commenting on the partnership, Denis Pavlak, CEO of Zero Services GmbH, explained:

“We are very excited about our new partnership with Cudos, as we are constantly on the lookout for decentralized storage and compute projects, which will offer products with a vision to connect blockchain to the traditional business world. In addition, Cudos enables efficient use of compute resources and combines it with decentralization for additional network security. We would also like to allow people to have new sources of income provided by their hardware. We know that with Cudos, we have found a partner who can help us achieve all of this.”


Just a day old, the Artemis project is aimed at accomplishing three key things. The incentivized testnet will help secure the network by participating in various security processes and giving the team feedback. It will also foster innovation and, lastly, help grow the community.

Notably, project Artemis will take place in four distinct phases. The first phase, titled Apollo, will involve setting up where Cudo will conduct starter tasks for onboarding validators and users. At this stage, the project will focus on account creation, node syncing, CUDOS faucet, and hardware provision.

Buzz, the second phase will involve testing all validations linking delegated staking, staking, and rewards. Phase three (Armstrong) is intended to bring much diversity in transactions activity on the Cudos Network, while the fourth phase, dubbed as Collins, will be the migration testing.

So far, there are over 20,000 developers already signed up for the incentivized Testnet. Also, Cudos plans to reward participants through its native token, CUDOS, for completing tasks on the network. The project is also planning an airdrop in the coming days.