Crypto lending firm partners with US-based custodian to provide insurance for clients

Crypto lending firm partners with US-based custodian to provide insurance for clients

Leading Hongkong Crypto lending service provider announced its partnership with a United States-based custodian to provide $100 million in insurance coverage for its clients.

The lending giant is the first of its kind in Hong Kong to get the approval of the Government to operate such business.

First Crypto Lending Firm in Asia

Asia, which is gradually becoming a crypto hub was alien to a regulated crypto lending platform, until the emergence of in Hong kong.

Crypto lending is gradually becoming an integral part of the crypto ecosystem in Asia and with the approval of the Hong Kong government, it is now a legal business.

Cryptocurrency is the future of the world’s financial economy and gradually gaining ground in the world. Major financial instruments such as loans and bonds are gradually finding their way into the cryptocurrency economy.


Huge Momentum

Cryptocurrency lending is the main thing right now in the industry and the statistics backing it up is monstrous. The global stock market and residential real estate are collectively worth an estimated $217 trillion with global debt hovering around $244 trillion, with a debt to asset ratio of 80%.

Cryptocurrency, however, is a far better deal compared to fiat, it currently has an estimated value of $200 billion, with a debt to asset ratio of only 2%, which shows great potential in cryptocurrency in the coming future.

Huge Potential

Pawnhub provides both the bitcoin community with unlimited options in both worlds, by allowing them to retain ownership of their crypto assets and liquidity.

With Pawnhub, the options are unlimited, they can easily transfer and use the loans for other things like real estate, automobile, and other endeavors.

As the first of its kind in Asia, Pawnhub is ready to satisfy the whole continent with easy access to its services.

The loan process is easy to operate, very accessible, simple and transparent when it comes to fees.

With the new license, Pawnhub is steadily carrying the continent on its back, and with its reputation, it’s a very trustworthy body, ready to change the status quo in the lending industry.

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