Creators Gear up to Win $GARI Worth 20M INR In KuCoin’s Chingari Star Contest

Creators Gear up to Win $GARI Worth 20M INR In KuCoin's Chingari Star Contest

KuCoin, one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, has partnered with Chingari, a short video-sharing app, to create the Chingari Star Contest, which will give app users the chance to win $GARI tokens worth INR 20 million. The Chingari Star Contest kicked off on February 15, 2022, and will run for the next month, with top winners set to walk away with large rewards.

The program aims to increase content creation on the platform by discovering emerging talent from India’s most distant regions and providing them with a platform to market themselves, their unique skills, and reach out to a wider audience across the country. Existing and potential new users are encouraged to participate in the campaign for a chance to win $GARI tokens worth crores.

The partnership with KuCoin expands the contest’s reach and market, while also increasing user interest in the Chingari app. The Chingari development team expects that the challenge would encourage existing content makers to “bring their A-game with fresh and brand new content” and increase user acquisition rates, participation, and video creation on the site. The launch of the Chingari Star contest was commented on by Sumit Ghosh, CEO, and co-founder of Chingari.

“Looking at the overwhelming response that we have received from the creators so far, it only made sense to commence the contest from 15th Feb,”… The extra time can be utilized by new users to build their profile on the Chingari app- and get a fair chance to win the contest against the creators that are already popular on the app.”

KuCoin was an early investor in Chingari, contributing to the company’s most recent investment round, which raised $35 million in January. The exchange also serves as a catalyst for the native $GARI coin, which was listed with six other leading centralized crypto exchanges earlier this month. According to KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu, the cooperation will “help more users become aware of, understand, and get into the crypto world, accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptos,”.


“As the accelerator and participant of the crypto industry, KuCoin is excited to join forces with Chingari to launch this contest, which will help more users become aware of, understand, and get into the crypto world,” Lyu added.

Participants must complete their profile and registration on the Chingari app (available on both Android and iOS), upload five videos to the app, and apply to become the ultimate Chingari Star to be considered for the competition.

The winners of the contest will be revealed in March, and they will be invited to Mumbai for a huge victory party. Every day, each Chingari user will be given five votes to cast for their favorite creators. Thousands of users who participate in active voting and spend time watching videos on the app are eligible to win cash prizes.

Finally, the winner or ultimate Chingari app Star will receive $10 million in $GARI tokens, with the remainder of the prize money distributed among the other contestants.