Covesting In April: A New Five-Star Trader Emerges


At PrimeXBT and within the Covesting copy trading module, lies a global leaderboard system that puts added focus on the best of the best in the trading community. The platform firstly ranks the top-performing traders in order by ROI, with current standings reaching as much as 5,700%+ and climbing.

However, the most notable shakeup to the Covesting global leaderboards during the month of April wasn’t in the top five, top ten, or within the top ranks whatsoever. The most outstanding feat was none other than achieving a full five-star rating.

Here is a better look at the top five top performers for April, as well as the top strategy managers who have made it to the closest to five stars. We’ll also put the spotlight on the five-star trader and outline what it takes to become a five-star trader yourself.

Covesting in April: Top Five Strategies By ROI

Covesting is a peer-to-peer trading community where top traders come to make a name for themselves and make money for their followers at the same time. Skilled or experienced traders can become strategy managers, who have their performance tracked and ranked in a fully transparent leaderboard system. The top five traders for the month of April are as follows.

For the third month in a row, Fractalz has taken the top spot in the Covesting global leaderboards with an astounding 5,797% ROI. With only 112 days active on the platform, the number is even more mind-blowing. The runaway success has attracted more than 250 followers.


Right behind Fractalz is another familiar name, HelicaSys. HelicaSys has been right on Fractalz tail since they arrived at the platform 98 days ago. The trader is ranked number two with over 3,000% ROI. Trailing in third is Generals, and in fourth and fifth, is Bitenergy and Joole, respectively. As you can see the lineup is much different from March.

Five-Star Trader Spotlight: The Trader To Watch

One of the most interesting features of the Covesting leaderboards is its ability to filter and sort through the list of hundreds of skilled strategy managers. By setting the filter to instead rank strategies by the number of stars they’ve achieved, we have discovered what might be the next up-and-coming superstar of the Covesting copy trading community. 

A trader by the name of BTCMartingale has done the unthinkable and achieved a full five-star rating, putting them alongside only a handful of elite traders who were able to do so, only for a brief time. Maintaining five stars is almost more challenging than achieving it in the first place. But by keeping five stars going it proves it’s more than just a stroke of luck.

To become a five-star trader, you need to reach a certain level of trading turnover, keep margin allocation within a safe zone, and keep your win to loss ratios high across all trades, among other feats of greatness. The system itself does all the tracking automatically, so all the data is accurate, as shocking as this may seem. What is even more shocking is that when filtered by stars only, the top five look very different below from the above graph ranked by ROI. What you see below instead is a set of highly skilled and safe traders. Only Fractalz was able to make it in both top-five lists.

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