Community Vs Investors: Super How To Launch Unique NFT Action Competition

Community Vs Investors: Super How To Launch Unique NFT Action Competition

Superhow.ART, an art platform by Super How, has announced it will be launching a special NFT auction, opening doors to whales and shrimps.

According to the announcement, the NFT auction will last for a week allowing big investors and the community to engage in a bidding competition for various artworks. The event will feature a genuine oil painting, ‘the Head with Legs’ by Oleg Tselkov. The painting will be auctioned together with its corresponding NFT. Oleg Teselkov is one of the greatest surrealist artists in Russia.

The competition will have two sides; whales and shrimp. Whales will comprise big investors, while the shrimp side will be made of community enthusiasts. 

Commenting on the auction, Vytautas Kašėta, the CEO of superhow.ART stated:

“We want to check if whales are stronger than the community. Maybe the community will show that small market players with joint forces can win and become fractional owners of this beautiful investment asset.” 


Notably, all bids placed by the shrimps will be accumulated into a pool. These bids will then compete with the bid by the whale. If the biding pool by the shrimps wins, the prize will be split into multiple parts corresponding to the bids, then sent to the bidders’ wallet addresses. However, the painting will remain in the gallery as co-owned property. On the other hand, if a whale wins, it will get the actual painting and the corresponding NFT.

Kašėta added:

“To tokenize fine art means you make it accessible to more people by implementing the partial ownership concepts used in superhow.ART. All this is making a huge impact on art investors. They need to evolve together with the market and become more flexible and liberal if they want to keep their positions.”

SUPER HOW is a research company that seeks to harness the power within emerging technologies to provide great products and services to its ecosystem. The company is already among the leading labs focusing on DARQ technologies.  Their research covers a wide range of areas, such as applied sciences, that seeks to understand the development and evaluation of new generic blockchain concepts. SUPER HOW works are also application-driven, motivated by important application areas, such as e-health, digital identity protection, transaction processing, supply chain, and more. And now, the company has entered the art industry and the NFT market through the upcoming event by Superhow.ART.