Coinsfera: A Swift and Simple Crypto Trading Platform For Dubai Residents

Coinsfera: A Swift and Simple Crypto Trading Platform For Dubai Residents

With concerns to curtail the fears of crypto users in Dubai due to rising issues of fraud and authentication in the city, Coinsfera is set to provide Dubai crypto enthusiasts with an easy-to-use and efficient crypto trading platform.

Coinsfera is a trusted and certified cryptocurrency exchange that seeks to lessen the complications associated with authentication processes while curtailing possible fraudulent risks by providing a physical avenue for Dubai residents to easily sell off their bitcoins and receive their payment in cash.

Coinsfera to Make Crypto Trading More Convenient

In a bid to hasten the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Dubai, Coinsfera has sought to tackle the crypto-related challenges faced in the city by providing a reliable and convenient platform for residents to sell their bitcoins without the fear of being ripped off their wealth.

“The process of selling bitcoin has become easier with proper authentication. You can make the transaction of your bitcoins and get your cash on hand within a few minutes. Coinsfera makes sure that every customer can sell their bitcoins without any fear of an efficient method,” the company explained in a recent press release.

The platform believes that using bitcoin as a source of an asset helps to maintain the integrity of a transparent business. Also, It helps any seller to control their capital and manage the risks for further investments in the business world. As such, it has decided to provide an avenue for users to easily cash out their bitcoin wealth when they are in a profitable situation in order to make further investments.


Coinsfera basically aims to make the process of selling bitcoin as simple as possible. Thus, it requires no lengthy procedures or paperwork from customers who intend to sell their bitcoin in Dubai. The platform only requires customers to present their original ID. However, customers who are not citizens of the UAE are required to provide their passports for verification.

“Once you transfer the bitcoins, we can pay you in US dollars or Dirhams (AED). If you are fine with an exchange in these two currencies, you can easily transfer your bitcoin into cash,” Coinsfera further explained the second requirement from intending customers.

Coinsfera Further highlighted the procedures needed to follow to sell bitcoins to the company. The procedures include;

  • Deciding the amount of Bitcoin to sell. Customers can use the calculator available on the Coinsfera webpage to calculate this amount.
  • Contact Coinsfera through phone, WhatsApp, or telegram to set an appointment for the transaction. 
  • Visit the office on the appointed date to execute the transaction.