TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Project Winners Declared as Season 1 of the Hackathon Ends

TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Project Winners Declared as Season 1 of the Hackathon Ends

The TRON Grand Hackathon has been an important gathering place for developers to come together, share ideas, create threads, and connect with one another concerning the crypto community, with Forum activity accounting for 40% of the final score.

With the enormous success of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022, which ended on March 14, we’re overjoyed to see the winners announced on the TRON DAO Forum in all four tracks: Web3, NFT, GameFi, and DeFi.

Each track’s final review panel scores stood for 30%, 30%, and 40%, respectively, and were made up of crypto professionals, KOLs, and a public community review board. On the TRON DAO Forum, community reviewers voted in an open and transparent manner.

The crypto world has been eagerly awaiting the outcomes of the judging period, which began on March 8 and ended on March 11, with much enthusiasm.

The winning submissions in each of the four categories are listed below:

  • The winner of the Web3 track is dCloud by cctechmx.

Their goal is to develop an Open Source Web3 Cloud storage mobile software that will allow their ecosystem to thrive in a self-sustaining, shared economy. We’ll be able to cut the development work by splitting the dCloud functionality in this way. The BitTorrent team provides the binaries, while the dCloud team focuses on adapting them to the appropriate OS environment and creating a common graphical interface for both Android and iOS.

  • TronNinja Arcade by the TronNinja Team took first place in the GameFi Track.

TronNinja is an NFT GameFi project on the TRON blockchain where you can use your NFTs as characters in the TronNinjas Arcade and win our in-game token TronNinjas Token (TNT). Not only do they want to play games, but they also want to bring back the social aspect of arcades.

  • JustMoney Exchange by JustMoney is the winner of the DeFi track.

They want to create an ecosystem for the next generation of decentralized applications that will power Web3 by allowing crypto users to trade and offer cryptocurrencies on multiple chains and making it easier to create a payment system that will allow crypto users to buy and sell goods and services online using cryptocurrency.

  • VersacBrickSquad by TuruGlobal is the winner of the NFT track.

Because most people do not have enough money to own their own homes, their mission is to make real estate investment accessible to everyone. The Versac Brick Squad is a group of DAOs that invest in real estate assets and cooperatively manage them on a TuruGlobal platform, making real estate investment more accessible to the general public.

The registration period for Season 2 will commence on May 16, 2022.