Coinbase Introduces A Multi-Task E-Card

Coinbase Introduces A Multi-Task E-Card

A multi-task eCard has been introduced on the stable of Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
Speaking on the new development, the exchange chief executive officer in the United Kingdom, Zeeshon Feroz, said that Coinbase’s clients in selected countries of the world would have the ability to spend their cryptocurrency balance on the new e-gift card. The service is set to launch on July 25.
Zeeshon stressed that the new service boasts Coinbase as the first platform to give its customers the kind of service that can allow it to make withdrawals directly into e- gift cards.
The exchange reiterated further that the “e-gift card” could be used to pay for selected items or services, with Tesco, Nike, Uber and many others.
The trading platform pinpoints the exchanges eagerness to improve customer experience by making the transactions of cryptocurrencies easier for customers and the new service is just one of the arsenal in the exchanges projectile.
The recent development was the brainchild of the partnership with E-gift, and the consequence is that the customers can use their coin to purchase goods from Nike, Ticketmaster and Co. and can pay for services with Uber and other related services.
Other advantages are zero withdrawal on the exchanges customer account is customers can always win exciting prices from We-gift and other exciting offers.
The service is currently limited as it is only available to customers in U.K, U.S.A, Italy, Holland and France. But will subsequently reach other countries and regions.