Coinbaazar releases its Mobile App On the App Store and Google Play

Coinbaazar released its Mobile App, On the App Store and Google Play Store

Coinbaazar is a European crypto-currency P2P escrow exchange (established by Coinbaazar LLC). Coinbaazar was introduced in 2019 and has set new standards with very low transaction fees, convenient payment methods, secured and seamless transactions in P2P crypto offerings, making it a preferred exchange for bitcoin trading. It could not be easier or quicker to buy or sell Bitcoins than at

Coinbaazar released its Mobile App, On the App Store, and Google Play Store allowing users to store, send & exchange Bitcoins using more than 300+ unique payment methods available worldwide, from PayPal to M-Pesa, Gift Cards, Bank Transfer and many more!! From anywhere – anytime

Google Playstore –

App Store –

Thereby making it the first p2p crypto marketplace to launch its mobile app in the year 2021!!!!


With an appealing user interface, buying or selling Bitcoin at Coinbaazar has been streamlined. Users from different countries and currencies can trade from anywhere in the world. In addition, Coinbaazar has various security layers and has met strict protocol in security requirements through extensive testing for more than a year, which certainly makes it one of the industry’s highly secure platforms.

“Coinbaazar LLC is registered with Dun & Bradstreet having its headquarters in Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe). It has been promoted by HNWI professionals & Technocrats having diverse experience in the field of engineering & IT, and are well versed with the latest trends in its technology related to Blockchain& crypto-currencies”.

Coinbaazar uses Core Blockchain technology for Bitcoin wallets instead of any third-party APIs; therefore it makes us one of the lowest fee P2P escrow exchanges.

One prominent factor behind the incredible ease and pace of Coinbaazar is the newest state-of-the-art technology. The exchange is a Peer-2-Peer, crypto-currency network where transactions are secured by the ESCROW as the trades are carried out with utmost transparency and security, Coinbaazar thus ensures a smooth & friendly trading experience with full security of your funds. Using protocols such as 2FA, Google Authenticator, and Smartphone OTP Authentication, the buying and/or selling of Bitcoins can be completed with the current and highest degree of encryption.

Another major advantage of using Coinbaazar is that even novice users or first-time buyers/sellers can confidently exchange peer-to-peer transactions because they are supported via live chat. In the shortest possible time, the Competent Moderators are there to settle the disputes. Another feature is the live news segment and blogs on the web page to bring you up to date with the latest.

Coinbaazar has launched yet another exclusive live chat room feature on blog page or Mobile App. for individuals to communicate with each other to make the forum even more fun & engaging!! through which one can discuss recent news, subjects, exchange feedbacks, reviews and other crypto-related experiences.

{Coinbaazar believes in ethical practice and is committed to the highest security protocols, prompt and continuous customer care with an in-house team of professionals, which gives it an edge over other networks.}

“While visiting… please be sure to enter the correct COIN… BAA… ZAR spelling, and always look for the fascinating “BULL” logo, which is a registered trademark.”