Cheeky Kyser To Introduce Rare Handmade NFTs Soon

Cheeky Kyser To Introduce Rare Handmade NFTs Soon

Cheeky Kyser is set to introduce its rare handmade NFTs. The collectible pieces which will have both suggestive and straightforward designs will be unique and no artwork of its kind can be easily found in the market.

While similar NFTs have been seen before in the crypto space, they lacked the uniqueness of Cheeky Kyser’s pieces. These NFTs are the first of their kind the world over and those interested can buy them as the only way to preserve such rare items is to buy and keep them. The first-place winner of the airdrop will get only 1 Cheeky Kyser from the Silver Edition.

Such a winner will be able to pick any silver card of their choice as a one-time offer that may never be repeated. CryptoKyser will be launching this as its first publicly available NFT project. Speaking about NFTs in general, he said:

“Beyond all speculation, NFTs are a chance, a chance to get acquainted with art and quickly obtain unique and authentic works.”

The Cheeky Kyser NFTs were created to celebrate multiple films that have changed the past and present moments, deliver handmade and unique series to the NFT space and emphasize the minimalist artistic qualities that many artists love. Part of the proceeds will be used to educate the blockchain population about this technology in order to promote the adoption of the technology.


Cheeky Kyser Editions

Cheeky Kyser has four editions with 52 movies represented and a total of 468 NFTs that will be on  OpenSea. These NFTs will be available for sale from late February 2022. The four available editions are:

  • The Original Edition which is  the first version has five copies for each of the 52 Cheeky Kysers.this makes 260 Cheeky Kyser models in the Original edition. 
  • The Silver Edition is scarcer than the original version and has only 3 copies of each Cheeky Kyser. Every copy is easily distinguishable by a number. Buyers will have 156 copies in the marketplace.
  • The Gold Edition is the most peculiar of all, and has only one copy for each Cheeky Kyser. This means that only 52 Cheeky NFTs are on sale under the Gold edition.
  • The Extra Edition comprises the scarcest Cheeky Kyser models and will be on sale in the coming months.

Copies of Cheeky Kyser’s capture unique moments, memories, or emotions. Their handmade nature makes it possible for each person to get a Cheeky Kyser NFT that meets their artistic needs.

Each card also has its specific skills, including love, strength, humor, murder, and intelligence to deliver an irresistible, exciting perspective. The NFTs will also be used in future games and other projects involving Cheeky Kyser. 

The Cheeky Kyser Challenge

Fans of the Cheeky Kyser project have a chance to participate in the challenge by using these digital arts. They will have more exciting times interacting with the NFTs. For example, a player tries to find 15 hidden films in the first challenge, just for fun. 

They are then expected to find 52 hidden films hidden in the main challenge to win a maximum prize of 15,000 BUSD. participants must follow @CryptoKyser and @cheekykyser on Twitter and @cheekykyser on Instagram to confirm their results.


While waiting for the sale announcement, the community can participate in the airdrop by enrolling on the Cheeky Kyser website and joining social media platforms. As stated earlier, the winner in 1st place will get a unique chance to choose any Silver Cheeky Kyser NFT for free as their prize. Other winners will receive USDT for completing simple tasks on social media.