Charles Hoskinson Claims Ethereum Lags Behind Cardano Despite Transition To Proof-of-Stake

Market Pundits Term Cardano
  • Cardano’s founder hits back at critics for claiming that the network is a “useless scam.”
  • He argues that during his stint at Ethereum, core engineers ignored his calls to change the network’s consensus algorithm.
  • Ethereum has switched to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) after months in the making to mark the end of an era.

Ethereum has ditched Proof-of-Work (PoW) for Proof-of-Stake (PoS), but while enthusiasts are basking in the glory of a seamless switch, Cardano’s boss says Ethereum is late to the party.

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson has bared his mind over the recent comments from critics at his network. Hoskinson revealed on Twitter that most of the critics were members of the Ethereum community, pondering the potential reasons for being the centre of attention.

Hoskinson stated that Ethereum’s switch to PoS should have happened years ago on grounds that during his six months stint with the network, he made a continuous plea to core engineers but was repeatedly ignored. He took a swipe at the Ethereum ecosystem, saying that “they seem to really like technology and events from 2014″.

“Levity aside, people really need to grow up and move on. It’s fair game to discuss major differences in protocol design,” wrote Hoskinson. “I repeatedly pointed out that the core engineers of Ethereum completely ignored Ouroboros throughout the last five years.”

Cardano makes use of Ouroboros, an environmentally sustainable PoS protocol that the network says is highly scalable and secure. Ouroboros works by dividing chains into epochs further subdivided into time slots. A slot leader is chosen for each time slot and tasked with the duty of adding a new block to the chain.


Hoskinson argues that as one of the pioneers of the PoS consensus mechanism, Cardano should be given credit in the ecosystem. Rather, it is seen as a “cult beholden to an evil sociopathic, but incompetent pathological lying founder who somehow has stumbled upon stolen success.”

Staring at the future of Cardano

Last week, Cardano concluded its Vasil upgrade after two hitches. The upgrade is widely touted to improve the network’s smart contract functionality, faster transactions, and scalability as it looks to snag a piece of Ethereum’s market share.

However, Hoskinson claims that mass adoption has not yet been attained, and massive growth can be attained “without poaching a single one from Bitcoin or Ethereum.”

“With every HFC event, Cardano continues to deliver on its potential to be something better for the world’s systems,” said Hoskinson. He added that the network could achieve its lofty ambitions without casting aspersions on other networks.