Celsius Joins Forces with Monarch and Infinito to Allow Clients to earn Interests on their In-Wallet Cryptos

Celsius Joins Forces with Monarch and Infinito to Allow Clients to earn Interests on their In-Wallet Cryptos

Celsius has announced a strategic deal with Monarch and Infinito, aimed at making it possible for users of their cryptocurrency wallet to earn a whopping 3 to 7 percent interest on saved digital assets.

The partnership is aimed at making life easier for cryptocurrency investors in this bear market and enables them to hold onto their digital assets.

Determined to eliminate all the challenges that come with the traditional banking system, Celsius wallet pays users an impressive 3-7 percent annually, sent on a weekly basis to hodlers of established digital assets.

Over the last six months, Celsius has consistently fulfilled its promise to users, making it the number one interest earning platform for cryptos.

A New White Label Solution

Now, with the latest partnership with Monarch, users of the platform can earn significant interest in their crypto holdings through the savings account feature.


Just like on the Celsius platform, users of Monarch will now be able to earn from 3 to 7 percent annually and they will receive the payments into their wallets every week.

The Celsius Advantage

It’s worth noting that no other bank or even crypto platform provide the same interest rates to users.

That’s not all, unlike banks or other crypto platforms where users are mandated to lock up their funds for long periods, Celsius users can withdraw their funds at any time.

Celsius also pays depositors as much as 80 percent of its revenues, while maintaining an unprecedented level of transparency in the way funds are used.

Commenting on the development, Monarch CEO, Robert Beatles said that:

“Monarch’s mission is to empower people to control all aspects of their finances from the palm of their hand. This partnership is an amazing win for the crypto industry. We can all agree the current banking system has failed us all. Celsius has honoured us in partnership, and we look forward to bringing power back to the people together.”

Celsius services will also go live in the Infinito App Square this February and users will begin earning interest on their crypto holdings from Q2 2019.

“Many crypto services lend out clients’ funds without giving proper notification and distribute meager returns on those funds. We hope these partnerships set a new industry precedent in digital finance,” said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network.

Website: https://celsius.network/