CELENFT Debuts Celebrity-Focused NFT Platform

CELENFT Debuts Celebrity-Focused NFT Platform

CeleNFT, a blockchain-based startup built to allow potential and existing celebrities to easily create and sell NFTs without any technical expertise is set to go live according to a recent announcement.

It appears that NFTs are becoming fleet-footed considering the massive rate of interest and adoption it has gained in the last few months.

Since NFTs give celebrities the opportunity to sell their moments and also promote their talents while monetizing it, many celebrities are willing to venture into the NFT space.

However, there have been certain limitations to owning non-fungible tokens as there are lots of artists, celebrities, musicians, and the likes who want to create, own and sell their NFTs but lack the technological capabilities or the budgets to make them happen.

In a bid to curtail these challenges, Kulbir Singh Bhatia, the founder of Cineblitz, a Thailand-based production house has decided to launch CELENFT. CELENFT has been designed to allow current and willing celebrities and artists to easily create and market their NFTs as simple as uploading a photo on Instagram.


Kulbir announced this saying;

“We want to offer our clients the ability to create and sell NFTs more easily to everything that is out in the market today. Our clients from Entertainment, Arts, Sports, Real Estate, Hotels, Wineries, Charities, or Merchants, can offer their customers the capacity to buy, sell and hold NFT’s by integrating with the CELENFT platform.”

The platform will feature its own Wallet, NFT Token Builder, and NFT Marketplace. The wallet will allow buyers and sellers to send, receive and store NFTs. The NFT Token Builder will enable users to create and publish their NFTs. While the Marketplace will serve as an avenue for users to trade NFTs in real-time.

CELENFT Partners With Incub8 to Facilitate its Platform

Per the announcement, CELENFT has sought extra hands to put the necessary infrastructures it needs for the NFT development in place.

The platform has partnered with Incub8, a decentralized startup ecosystem, to assist them with getting the NFT infrastructure in place, hence boosting the efficiency of CELENFT.