Cartesi Has A New Face Aimed At Decentralization And Mainstream Adoption

Cartesi Has A New Face Aimed At Decentralization And Mainstream Adoption

Cartesi, the first blockchain OS, has refreshed its overall brand-new look that aligns with its new promise and strategy. 

As per the announcement, the rebranding seeks to make Cartesi a home for next-generation applications, providing a better future through The Blockchain OS. The rebranding brings a new visual language, pay-off, brandline, photography, and videos demonstration on The Blockchain OS. The photography is community-driven in partnership with community-powered photography platforms. Notably, the new brand tag is “Home to what’s next.”

Cartesi views the OS as a catalyst that will empower payments for a better future and bring blockchain possibilities to the public. The new brand uses colder blues with warmer yellows to create a balanced combo. The new face also includes the logo and typefaces, reflecting a more accessible offering of the general operation.

The Blockchain OS is notably designed to bring Linux to the blockchain. This means that Cartesi is transferring an established operating system to the blockchain. The OS will be open to people who want to create applications that will open up blockchain opportunities to the public.

Commenting on the importance of the OS, Erick de Moura, CEO’s Cartesi, explained:


“Web 1 and Web 2 run entirely on operating systems like Windows and Linux. People develop applications for the internet and mobile on top of the real operating system. But then suddenly, when we go from Web 2 to Web3, we don’t have a properly operating system. Developers are left with a much more primitive environment to develop their applications… What we’re trying to do with Cartesi is to bring back a proper OS to Web3, to the blockchain, and with that, really help to unlock these network effects that we are waiting to see.”

In addition to the new face, the rebrand also comes with more distinctive values, including the power of the human collective and faith in a better future. The rebranding was done centrally; however, Cartesi seeks to make The Blockchain OS decentralized and owned by the community.

Nathalie Brähler, Head of Marketing at Cartesi, researching the process, explained: 

“What we have seen in the last decades is a shift from a single brand personality to a multiple brand personality, where users express their story around the brand on social media and create their own style, advertising, promotion, and sometimes even price. The next level is for people to co-own the project or firm, either via tokens, as seen in blockchain, or through new forms of stewardship and community ownership. Oftentimes, the branding is still done centrally. We are now entering the next phase; we will witness a rise of decentralized brands, or ‘headless brands,’ with their own autonomy, produced by the contributions of various actors, in that slipstream.”

Cartesi will be speaking on decentralized and headless brands at SXSW 2022. The platform is working on its brand library that will soon be available for the public.