Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Goes After Tezos Community for Slandering ADA as ‘Worthless Former Casino Coin’

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Goes After Tezos Community for Slandering ADA as 'Worthless Former Casino Coin'

After the monumental launch of Shelley’s Network upgrade process yesterday, Charles Hoskinson has finally had it with Tezos supporters calling Cardano a Tezos rip-off and a former casino coin.

Hoskinson expressed his frustration on Twitter by indirectly calling Tezos ‘lead paint chips’.

“You’ve got to hand it to Tezos. They have figured out a remarkably efficient way to distribute and consume lead paint chips.”

The remarks came after one user complained about high ether gas fees to which another replied that Cardano’s is ready to take 80% of Ethereum’s business. Replying to both, a third Tezos advocate managed to get on Hokinson’s nerves when he said:

“Cardano will never ship, it’s always been hype even from the beginning back when they were a casino coin. You should try Tezos lots of dev tools online/in process of coming online.”

Defending Cardano’s Honor

The unrolling drama caught the attention of the Cardano community who came out to defend the project, even though some didn’t like that Charles Hoskinson was somewhat stooping too low with such remarks. One user tweeted:

“I back your project, but tit for tat is unprofessional. No matter what anyone says, the proof is in the “pudding”. Prove them all wrong and be professional about it, nobody wants to back nonsense. You got his without saying a word. I believe in you and Cardano.”

However undeterred, Charles Hoskinson said it wasn’t about professionalism but defending Cardano’s honor.


“This has nothing to do with professionalism and everything to do with mitigating slender. If the foundation disavows the Narrative then I’ll stop, until then its balls of paint chips for everybody.”

Besides, as Hoskinson added, the Tezos Foundation has had it coming, because, for the longest time, it has failed to disavow the narrative’ that ADA is a former casino coin.

“As I said before, I’m going back to kick certain narratives and actors in the teeth. Tezos as a community has repeatedly pushed the narrative that Cardano was a casino coin until we read their paper and copied them. It is a lie and deserves mockery and ridicule. Search Reddit.”

Meanwhile, since the announcement of its network upgrade’s initiation process, Cardano is up 11% trading at around $0.13 at the time of writing.

As he stated in his YouTube video, Cardano’s development team has had a long week prepping for the upgrade and the upcoming hardfork, and perhaps Hoskinson, who’s always maintained a cool head can be excused this time, under the assumption of extreme exhaustion.