Cardano Primed For Ultimate Price Pop As Highly Anticipated DEX Public Testnet Goes Live

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  • Cardano-based AMM protocol SundaeSwap announces the launch of its public testnet.
  • The protocol is now open for users to try out and report bugs. 

SundaeSwap, an automated market maker (AMM) protocol on Cardano has launched its public testnet today. With the debut, the platform is now open for users to try out on an experimental basis, with test tokens.

Before the launch, the SundaeSwap team emphasized that the testnet would help the DeFi protocol in several ways. Most significantly, it would help to identify any bugs that will arise from being used by thousands of users at once. It will also help identify any unanticipated situations that may come up for the brand new platform. To collect information on bugs users encounter, a form has been provided for testers to fill.

Additionally, SundaeSwap highlights that the testnet will provide a safe playground for the would-be users of the platform to learn the ins and outs of using the new protocol. The testnet will also let the protocol bring on stake pool operators gradually as well as allow the platform to tweak its parameters as required.

IOHK continues to support Cardano-based projects

SundaeSwap is one of the most anticipated projects building on Cardano. Before they announced the testnet going live, IOHK also stated that it was looking forward to the launch and was collaborating with the team to make sure all goes as planned.

IOHK explained that the testnet is intended to put the Cardano network through a stress test so it can “monitor and analyze the current network parameter settings.” It advises users to expect congestion and bugs on the testnet. But assures that all bugs and issues that come up on the testnet will be resolved swiftly before the time for mainnet arrives.

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Cardano has also stated that it is committed to moving gradually with building out the blockchain. The network is known for its methodical approach to introducing new features to avoid errors. However, Cardano also emphasized flexibility and high resilience as some of its foundational tenets.

Other highly anticipated projects are being built on Cardano

The Cardano ecosystem is poised for an explosion of projects that will launch on it in the future. This has been shown in increasing on-chain activity that was marked by the blockchain crossing 1 million stake pool delegators

In November, Cardano was the third most actively developed blockchain having recorded 118 GitHub commits for the network. Some of the projects that are highly anticipated at the moment include Ardana which is a decentralized stablecoin hub that will bring the necessary DeFi capabilities to the Cardano network. Empawa, which is described as a RealFi project, is billed to also be another exciting project being built on the biggest PoS blockchain. 

However, the price of ADA is yet to react to the announcement from SundaeSwap. On the day, ADA is down around 1.5%, currently trading at $1.337. In the last 30 days, ADA is down around 30% as well.