Blockcage Announces Launch Of Its Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) On LaToken

Blockcage Announces Launch Of Its Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) On LaToken

Blockcage, one of the most dependent and trend-setting crypto exchanges, is still having its initial exchange offering (IEO) running on the popular La Token platform. The IEO kicked off on Nov. 16 to continue until Dec. 13. The first, second, and third rounds of the IEO, have already taken place. What remains is the fourth round, which starts on Dec. 5 to Dec. 13, with the native BKG token going for 0.144 USDT. Investors placing $200 and above get to enjoy a 10% discount.

Blockcage aims to propel the decentralized finance (DeFi) space to DeFi 2.0 and Web 3.0. users can buy cryptocurrencies and make transfers 24/7 worldwide. Developed on the BscScan platform, BKG powers the Blockcage ecosystem, in addition to utility features such as rewards, cashback, promotions, and in payment of fees, commissions, and services provided by Blockcage. The token can also be staked for a chance to earn passive income. Terms of the Blockcage team apply when the token is used in payment.

Additionally, partners of the $BKG Blockcage Partnership Program will receive discounts on the ecosystem’s offerings through the BKG token. Further details of the program will be shared on the project’s official website. The token’s issuance rules will be released shortly and will have a floating character based on supply and demand.

Contrary to the many crypto platforms that have become centralized, Blockcage has the mission of true decentralization – the initial motto for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. It also looks to democratize financial services by banking the unbanked. Blockcage aims to become the most robust decentralized ecosystem building Latin America’s largest crypto active ecosystem. Great focus will be placed on finance, retail, education, and environmental sustainability.

Currently, thousands of people around the world have little or no knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies. And while others have made money from them, the less tech-savvy folks or those with limited crypto understanding have lost funds through fraudulent schemes. To change this, Blockcage is becoming Brazil’s first crypto platform that has few intermediaries and whose operations are largely centered around DeFi. The project will also connect the BKG BEP-20 token to a decentralized network for fair and decentralized access, in addition to zero-cost services.

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On top of that, Blockcage will bring innovative, secure, and cost-friendly financial solutions to the traditional economy. It will facilitate education for stakeholders to empower them and reduce poverty, alongside technology and capital to support new projects.

Momentum for Web 3.0 is building up, but projects on the crypto ecosystem are too individualized for this kind of development. Market experts also believe that only a few protocols will remain standing following regulatory enforcement. With its smart contract and DeFi capabilities, Blockcage intends to become a big player in the development of Web 3.0. But even then, the platform’s key goal is to improve crypto adoption in Brazil and the rest of Latin America, so that they can benefit from digital assets just like other developing nations in Africa have.