Cardano Finally Launches Its Daedalus Mainnet Wallet After 18 Months Of Work

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The Daedalus 1.0 wallet was announced a long time ago by the IOHK (the company behind the development of Cardano). According to the blog, the development team has been planning to create a solid codebase for Daedalus since September 2017.

‘Sync times are around 50 minutes up to an hour and a half. Wallet restoration is happening in 20 and 30 minutes. To benchmark this, sync times used to be between 9 to 14 hours. In terms of recovery time, it previously took around 14 hours. Today it took twenty minutes. We see this as a marked improvement.’

IOHK plans to release the Shelley infrastructure in May, something that will allow the staking of Cardano.

IOHK Reveals 13 Vulnerabilities

In an effort to increase transparency, IOHK has decided to publish 13 different vulnerabilities in the Byron Reboot code. All of them were fixed by Root9b during previous phases of the security audit but were still published for everyone to see. 

The strategy behind the mitigation of these vulnerabilities was also published to encourage collaboration between blockchain-based projects to fix other common problems.


“Companies must not prioritise secrecy and speed to market over security because vast sums of money and even lives will depend on the software we produce. The industry must open its software development up to third-party audit and share knowledge of vulnerabilities for the benefit of the wider industry as well as user confidence” – commented Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK.

Some of the vulnerabilities include an insecure genesis key generation process, potential protocol incompleteness or address randomization problems. Again, these were all fixed. 

Cardano Daedalus Features

Daedalus is basically a multi-platform wallet supported by ADA. It is a full node wallet which means users need to download the entire blockchain of Cardano to use the wallet. This process, however, will greatly increase the security of users’ funds inside the wallet. Daedalus supports all popular operating systems and allows users to fully customize the wallet in terms of how it looks and feels. 

The launch of Daedalus has greatly affected the price of ADA which saw an 11.5% price surge yesterday followed by a 5% surge today. Once Shelley is live, users will be able to use the Daedalus wallet to stake ADA on the mainnet.