Cardano-based Da Vinci’s Locker to Commence Private Sale on April 5

Cardano’s Da Vinci’s Locker to Commence Private Sale on April 5

Da Vinci Locker (DVL), the NFT marketplace of all blockchains is thrilled to announce its debut following plans to commence private sale on the 5th of April, 2022.

Da Vinci Locker (DVL) is a Community driven decentralized Cross Chain Marketplace that allows NFTs to be traded across multiple blockchains and not just the Cardano Blockchain with the use of Atomic Swap and cross-chain virtual machines.

Da Vinci Locker has been designed to become Cardano’s version of OpenSea, as such it will not introduce new smart contract risk but will make use of Cardano’s version of OpenSea’s smart contracts.

The platform aims to better represent, as well as incorporate the needs and wants of the NFT community, which will evolve via direct community involvement in decision making and voting on vital issues that concern the administration of the Marketplace’s functionality.

Da Vinci’s Locker will offer its users security of ownership which they can sell to anybody on their Marketplace without middlemen, and earn 100% of their sales proceeds directly to their wallet. Moreso, being DVL’s mandate to deliver financial power to the original creators of Art and intellectual properties on their platform, creators will be offered royalties in perpetuity every time their creation changes hands or ownership on the platform.


According to the announcement, potential investors who are willing to venture into the platform can participate in the initial Token offering which will be starting on the 5th of April 2022 by 1 am CET.

The launch will see Da Vinci’s Locker deploying a decentralized, interoperable cross Chain and highly user incentivized NFT platform on the Cardano Blockchain. Its users are guaranteed to enjoy the security and scalability of the Cardano Network. 

Amongst the promising features, Da Vinci’s Locker seeks to offer is a marketplace for all blockchains and a depth and breadth of creator vertical expertise.

Using the Da Vinci’s Locker platform, a creative designer can create an NFT token that is redeemable for a physical product and a musician can as well create an NFT Token for his release, which collectively represents a fraction of the streaming royalties of the song.

The platform has also been designed to feature an AI Smart Sorting Engine using neural networks that would detect the minting of copyrighted or already existing NFTs, label them as such, and also tackle Low Quality & Spammy NFTs and Their Creators by utilizing Artificial Intelligence & machine learning.