Cardano-Based Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux Sees 35% Of Its Allocated Tokens Sold Out Within 24 hours

Cardano-Based Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Verlux Sees 35% Of Its Allocated Tokens Sold Out Within 24 hours

Verlux, the first decentralized cross-chain NFT marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain is thrilled to inform its esteemed community about its presale outcome in which 35% of its allocated tokens were sold out within 24hours.

This is a community-driven platform that focuses on enabling its users to flawlessly mint, buy, swap, and sell NFTs on its marketplace while utilizing the low gas fees and security of the Cardano Blockchain. Verlux believes the NFT ecosystem is still in its early stages and has the right team to ensure and improve its scalability.

With limitations experienced by other NFT marketplaces, Verlux Users will be able to unlock the full potential of the NFT market where interoperability of NFT will become fully functional and contents like music, art, ideas, etc. can be digitized and traded. Verlux presents a completely user-friendly environment where newbies and professionals in the crypto and NFT space will explore its full functionality with a few clicks of buttons.

Verlux platform has unique characteristic features aside from its low transaction fee. One of such unique features is the incorporation of a staking feature where users can stake $VLX tokens to farm special editions and 100% exclusive NFTs which can only be gotten through the NFT Farming.

Verlux will also be creating a decentralized entry for all NFT Marketplaces with zero entry barriers. The only requirement is that users will connect a compatible Cardano web-based wallet like Nami & Gero wallet, click on Mint NFT and users will see a simple form to list their NFT.


$VLX Token

This is the utility token used to power the Verlux ecosystem. There is a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) $VLX. Since the platform is community-driven, $VLX will serve as a community governance system for holders of the token on proposed features and developments that will be implemented on the platform.

It will also be used as NFT swap fees, facilitate NFT transactions, Featured NFT listing, NFT farming, and more. One of its unique abilities is that it eliminates potential whale manipulation by ensuring that no address will have more than 4% of the entire supply of $VLX tokens.

$VLX Token Presale

$VLX  presale is ongoing currently with only 20% of the total supply made available for purchase. One $VLX token will be sold at 0.0020 ADA, where the minimum buy is 200 ADA while the maximum buy is 10,000 ADA. Instructions on how to purchase the tokens can be found on the Sale Page.

While the Verlux team continues to put hard yards towards building the Cross-Chain NFT platform, the project is set to release its Demo NFT Marketplace in the next few days. This will give an interactive feeling of what its fully launched Marketplace will look like.

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