Cardano (ADA) Stays On Top In the Wake Of Shelly Testnet Launch

Cardano (ADA) On A Positive Spell: Can It Surpass $0.050?

Majority of altcoins have been a bit stable in the last few hours and even down for some, especially in the top ten cryptocurrencies. However, ADA has sustained its green candle regardless of the slight pullback, gaining 5.14% in the last 24 hours at the time of writing.

This is coming in the wake of Cardano’s Shelly testnet, a key achievement in the development of Cardano. Since the launch on 21 June, ADA has climbed almost steadily from $0.08 to the current $0.1.

As the Shelly testnet has been eagerly looked forward to by the Cardano community, it could have triggered interest in ADA as well as the sudden altcoin which has given it gains in the last 24 hours.

Via Coinmarketcap

Shelly is a step towards full decentralization for the Cardano network. It marks the start of a Proof-of-Stake Consensus protocol and the testnet allows developers to implement new protocol features. Users will also be allowed to try out staking and delegation of taking roles to stake pools and provide the Cardano team with necessary feedback in preparation for the wider Shelly phase.

During this wider phase, users will see the core features of open Ouroboros decentralization and staking as well as faster network synchronization, changes to wallet backends, ADA debit cards, light client support, and quantum resistant signatures as the Shelly phase progresses.


Shelly is probably the most important period in Cardano’s history and the community has earnestly looked forward to it. It is Cardano’s first step to a fully decentralized system and allows many users, even non-technical ones to interact and contribute to the protocol either directly using their ADA or by delegating stakes.

With Shelly, the Cardano community is gearing up to take full control of the blockchain through staking, a blockchain consensus protocol that allows users to participate in validating transactions by staking the cryptocurrencies they hold on the blockchain.

The community will take full control when a certain number of nodes is reached and there is sufficient stake from members of the community.

With the Shelly roll-out and the coming altcoin season, Cardano and ADA may be seeing a better year in 2019 especially when the blockchain is finally handed over to the community in a Proof-of-Stake protocol. Feedback based on the current testnet will be used to improve on the final phase of Shelly for a much better experience, the team says.