Cardano (ADA) Partners Georgia To Improve Country’s Educational System Using Blockchain

Cardano (ADA) On A Positive Spell: Can It Surpass $0.050?

Members of the Cardano community woke up to the good news of the team’s latest partnership. As announced by Charles Hoskinson, the projects’ founder on Twitter today June 17 2019 that the team had come into an agreement with the government of Georgia, singing a Memorandum of understanding which marks the beginning of a long term relationship to improve the country’s educational system using Cardano blockchain and Atala, an enterprise blockchain framework.

What We Know About The Signed MoU

The announcement was received with a lot of gratitude. The members of the community who couldn’t keep their excitement showered praises on Charles Hoskinson for a job well done. A few of them think its time everyone has been waiting to see; that time to see ADA, the official currency of Cardano blockchain moon.

Presently, Charles has signed an MoU with the Ministry of Education and another with the Free University in Tbilisi, Georgia. As revealed, the team will be working on building a credible system for verifying credentials using the blockchain as it proves to be a transparent and immutable system for storing valuable data.

Obviously, with a large number of people, the platform would be available to the educational sector of the country and employers who would certainly want to verify credentials of employees, this could take ADA to greater heights.


Cardano In Africa

Prior to this recent announcement, the team had signed an MoU with Ethiopia’s Science and Technology sector at the beginning of May 2019. The MoU between both parties was to see the use of blockchain in developing the agricultural sector of the African nation.

The team, therefore, will train blockchain developers in the country on how best to achieve the nation’s goal.

Price Analysis

Cardano, presently ranked the 11th most invested cryptocurrency according to the data presented by coinmarketcap is currently trading at $0.09 per coin.

The cryptocurrency was at its highest point on January 4, 2018, when it was sold at a dollar 19 cents ($1.19).

Though the cryptocurrency was hit by the crypto winter, it has begun to receive some attention once again and hopes to see more adoption in the coming months.

Atala & Cardano

Atala is named after a butterfly which resides in Florida. According to a report by Forbes, Charles Hoskinson launched Atala – an enterprise blockchain framework – to provide financial services to billions of people living in Africa.

Cardano (ADA) on the other hand is a decentralized platform which can be used to send and receive digital funds and also store valuable data securely.