Candy Club Integrates With The OKC Ecosystem, Creating New Use Cases For The Community

Candy Club Integrates With The OKC Ecosystem, Creating New Use Cases For The Community

Candy Club, the world’s first social crypto gaming platform, is excited to announce its integration into the OKC ecosystem, adding a use case for the OKC token and community.

OKC is an EVM-compatible L1 built on Cosmos. OKC focuses on true interoperability and maximized performance enabling a seamless experience for both users and developers. With high scalability, OKC enables developers to build and scale at low gas fees.

Commenting on the integration, Nicholas Soong, Director of OKC Ecosystem Development, Asia Pacific, stated:

“Candy Club’s chain agnostic token utility driver offers all projects an equal and fair access to elevating their token demand. We are proud to see Candy Club integrate with OKC to offer our ecosystem and community not only increased use cases tokens within our ecosystem but also through a fun and social way to use them.” 

Candy Club is a fun, and innovative social platform that accepts all Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain projects with a BEP20 and ERC20 utility token. Since its launch at Token2049 Singapore, Candy Club has been working on various projects within Polygon, Ethereum layer 1s, BSC, and Tron, helping them increase their token demand and utility despite bearish market conditions.


According to David Barrantes, the president of Candy Club, the project was born to bring crypto space together and offer Token projects the ability to provide their communities with additional utility for their tokens. Candy Club also seeks to increase members’ engagement and improve their treasuries to weather this crypto winter and build new project updates.

So far, 25 token projects are in the process of onboarding onto Candy Club’s social crypto platform. These projects seek to offer their communities the opportunity to experience over 600 live casinos, sport-wagering games, and slots using a derivative of their native ERC20 and BEP20 token.

In addition, Candy Club has a bonus partner program that provides token projects with a monthly reward of up to 1% in crypto used by their community. This program helps create a healthier token treasury giving projects the financial flexibility needed to navigate through the crypto winter.